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Getting a CRB check?

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BedofRosesitAint · 06/07/2007 20:49

Does anyone know of an (umbrella) organisation which carries out these checks on behalf of individuals/small companies?

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BedofRosesitAint · 06/07/2007 21:22


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Katymac · 06/07/2007 21:32

Sorry I don't know

Nannynick might

I know getting a check is quite difficult(apart from if you are a childminder)


nannynick · 07/07/2007 00:22

What is the person's role?

The CRB do not currently allow individuals to apply for a check on themselves, or for a domestic employer to obtain a check on their employee. I expect this will change at some point but could still be a few years off yet.

If you are wanting a CRB check on a nanny, and have not recruited via an agency, then the only way I know of is to obtain the check as part of the registration under the Ofsted Childcare Register. Your employee would be sent the Applicant Copy which you could request to see.

There is a company which seems to do checks for employers -
However it is not clear if this includes checks for very small employers.

Found another one which does appear to process small numbers of checks -

Try getting in touch with those umbrella organisations and see if they can help you.
Remember though, you CAN NOT GET A CHECK ON YOURSELF.


nannynick · 07/07/2007 00:25

If you are employing a childcarer, then I think the latter of the two companies mentioned may be able to get a check done, as they seem to me to cater for small business - thus may cater for very small (1 employee) employers. Worth a try.


twelveyeargap · 07/07/2007 00:39

AFAIK, you can only get a CRB check done on a nanny or childminder if you source them through an employment agency. The agency may then use an umbrella organisation to deal with the CRB.

You can't apply as an individual for CRB checks.

CRB website link


BedofRosesitAint · 10/07/2007 13:16

Thanks folk! I haven't been able to get online for a while, weekends are hectic.

I think the situation is this: you can only get a CRB disclosure via an umbrella agency (who guarentee the CRB agency a minimum of 100 CRB checks a year).

I have found a couple that will do it for small companies.

I will try and do a link for anyone who is interested.

Boria x

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BedofRosesitAint · 10/07/2007 13:20

this company

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BedofRosesitAint · 10/07/2007 13:22

oh same company as Nannynick sorry

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hub2dee · 10/07/2007 13:36

I'm looking into this as a child photographer.

If you incorporate a company, so you're a director, (which you can do online from £20 or so) you can formulate a company policy that all employees of the company are subject to CRB checks and you can then have a check done on yourself IYSWIM. If you want to remain a sole trader obviously this cannot apply.

One way round this is to find a professional organisation which offers CRB checks to its members. As an example, the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers can run a CRB check for me (at about the same £50 rate as all the umbrella organisations) once I've paid their £100 per year membership dues. Perhaps there is an equivalent organisation for nannies ?

Finally, volunteers at schools / churches etc. can have checks run by the organiser, and these are offered at discount rates of £18 IIRC. Volunteering at a place where a CRB would be done as a matter of course could also then be a way to have a check done.

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