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NVQ3 Help please.

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Rubybees · 05/07/2007 19:54

Evening all, been sat looking at the same pieceof work for 20 minutes now , I can't even start on my assignment: It's 301 Developing positive relationships with adults in your team

well when I work by myself and have done for over 3 years it's a bit hard at the mo for me to think

has anyone covered this? If so could I please get a kick up the bum on where to start

why is it sooo hard

OP posts:

Katymac · 05/07/2007 19:57

Could the adults in your team be us mumsnetters - you ask us for advise?

& the parents of your children - do you work in harmpony with them

& the teachers in the school/nursery/playgroup?


Rubybees · 05/07/2007 20:29

Never thought of mumsnetters being part of the team!! It's so true!! Harmony with parents one day eh!!

Thankyou for making me look beyond what I seek (lion King 3 hehe)

I am now looking at the assignment with a relief yeah !!! Better go start then eh lol


OP posts:

Katymac · 05/07/2007 20:37

Rememebr to emphasise confidentiality


bambi06 · 05/07/2007 20:49

r u a childminder then? if so...working towards goals with their child.. daily diary so the parents and you can communicate with each other about the child..
open door tha tthey can talk toyou at any time regardin gproblems they may be having with their child and confidentiality.
having a socail meeting with you rparents once a term/month/3 months etc to meet outside with out kids for a night out..
using a link between home and childminders as in adventure ted which you send home with the child when they go n hols/weekend and parents fillin what child has been doing with teddy.
sharing toys/books as in a loan system.
visit child in their own home before they start with you , tha twats and child are on their own trritory and feel more comfortable about chattng with you,you et to see the real child in his own home and how the parents react deal with child so you can do similar when they start
send emails with photos of their child doing various activities ,tha tway the parents feel really involved in what their child is doing , which is a bais of trust between you
share cultural beliefs and invite parents to share special religious events
welcome pack for parents and child
hope this is something to go on..good luck


Rubybees · 05/07/2007 21:04

Thats great bambi06 thankyou,

altough I did have to look twice at

you , tha twats and child are on

LOL I do most of those things I really dout myself most of the time thankyou x

OP posts:

bambi06 · 06/07/2007 10:54

apologies for spelling..pregnancy brain and typing too fast when tired plus i`m terrible in that i dont reread my message to check it..

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