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Airbag question ??????

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giddy1 · 02/07/2007 13:10

Message deleted

OP posts:
Chattyhan · 02/07/2007 13:11

i can't switch the airbag off in my car and my manual says if children sit there must be in forward facing car seat and slide seat all the way back.

MrsScavo · 02/07/2007 13:15

I would have it turned off permanantly. I have a Renault Scenic, and can't turn off the air bag. We're going to have it disconetcted so DS1 (8) can go in the front. I never put my children in the front with an airbag.

NannyL · 02/07/2007 16:12

yes you do

an airbag can kill / seriously injur any person less than adult size! a 2 year old is NOT the same size as an adult.

MatNanPlus · 02/07/2007 16:14

you can use it, but the front seat should be pushed back as far as the seat will go.

Make sure also you have Business Class1 insurance.

canmummy · 02/07/2007 16:15

I've heard that even switching it off will not guarantee it won't go off as the "explosives" are still there. Only way is to have it permanently removed from your car but that may invalidate your insurance? I had the same dilemma couldn't fit 3 in my car so bought a new car so none of them go in the front.

giddy1 · 02/07/2007 19:43

Message deleted

OP posts:
mummypigoink · 02/07/2007 19:47

I asked the road safety officer at our local council (which is very very good at road safety stuff)!

He told me that Britax advise turning off airbags if there are children in the front seat, while the transport research laboratory advise that if the child is at least a foot (30cm) away from where the airbag discharges, then they would be OK. He said he would go along with what the trl advise.

Obviously, this only applies to front facing seats, rear facing should NEVER be used where there is an airbag.

As i said, our local road safety people are very good, and this bloke normally spends the first hour or so of his holidays at car hire places properly fixing car seats into hire cars for people. He regularly goes to baby and toddler groups for advice and will happily check people have thier seats in properly, he really knows his stuff.

Hope this helps.

Hulababy · 02/07/2007 19:51

Turn the airbag off if a child is sat in the front regardless of what type of seat they are in. Airbags are designed to protect adults, not children. The can cause serious injuries to children.

If a rare one off, and you cannot turn the air bag off, put the passenger seat as far back as it goes. Not ideal but hopefully if in an accident the airbag won't reach the child.

If this is a regular occurance and your car doesn't allow you turn the airbag off, I would recommend having the airbag permanently disabled in a garage. This will void your warranty if a new car though.

Chattyhan · 03/07/2007 13:17

i've been told by my vauxhall dealer that the passenger airbag in my astra cannot be disabled either my myself or at a garage. I was furious as i specifically asked the salesman about it and he said 'all airbags can be disabled' but i have been told that my manual states a child can use the seat if seat is all the way back and vauxhall reassured me that this would not have been printed if it was not true. I still feel unsure about putting my ds 2.5 in the front but if i don't i won't be able to work (nannying) when lo arrives.
Giddy1 i would definately switch it off if you can.

Rubybees · 03/07/2007 14:48

i do not have a airbag at all in passanger side so no worrys for me

MrsScavo · 03/07/2007 23:21

The vauxhall garage won't disable an airbag for you, but if you find the right garage, they will cut the wires. My musm had hers disabled for my dad, I'm not sure why, she then had a garage reconnect it after he died. (not in a car crah! LOL!)

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