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CM Club - Parents Holidays

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Saz73 · 01/07/2007 10:53

I've been looking after a 15mth every Thursday for over a year now. I put in my contract 4 wks holiday for parent.

Would you count this as 20 days ie if she's just gone away for two weeks holiday. Would you class this as 2 weeks from her holiday entitlement or just 2 days.

OP posts:
star1976 · 01/07/2007 11:54

I would say that is two weeks from her holiday entitlement. Her weekly contract is 1 day per week, so taking that one day off is one week's holiday! Hope that makes sense?

Although I do charge parents full whack for holidays so would make no difference to me!

Katymac · 01/07/2007 11:59

Yet eah weeks holiday is one day - she gets 4 days & she has used 2

Saz73 · 01/07/2007 12:28

Thanks for making clearer for me. I'd been thinking about it too much recently and began to confuse my self.

Parent has had more than the 4 wks over the last year. Just got to find the courage now to talk to her about it.

OP posts:
nannynick · 01/07/2007 14:15

Try setting out clearly in a note/letter the holiday entitlement dates. So state the Start Date for building up holiday entitlement - that would be the contract start date usually. Then detail the holiday taken during the year from that date. Then put next holiday period start date (1 year from start date on contract), and then list any holiday days taken from that date onwards. This way it shows the parent clearly how much holiday has been taken and how much remains.


Lets say child started on 1-March-2006

Start Date: 1 March 2006
Holiday Taken:
20-April 2006
23-December 2006
24-December 2006
2-February 2007
Start Date: 1 March 2007
Holiday Taken:
20-April 2007

Holiday Remaining: 3 Weeks (pro-rata = 3 Days)

Hope that makes sense.

meninas · 11/07/2007 14:50

Childminder holidays
I'm taking 20 working days holidays this years.
i'm charging Half fee and if they decide take their holidays i will charge the other half. Is that right? how about bank holidays?

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