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CM Club - What to you do when you bump into Mindee's Mum.....

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Saz73 · 28/06/2007 08:47

I've been given notice by my mindee, it was expected as they are army and moving on. Mindee has a older sibling that goes to another CM. Mum wants me to keep mindee till end of notice period but will be keeping sibling at home with her.

Sibling and DS goes to the same nursery, she will be dropping sibling off and picking up at the same times as I do. It's obvious we will bump into each other. She wants to continue dropping mindee off at 8am as normal.

What do you do when you bump into mum, mindee will be confused and want to go home with her......any suggestions what to do.

Mum did mention that I drop DS off later in order to miss her but this means DS will be late every morning and I would have to pick him up early as well and I don't want to do this.

OP posts:
Shoshable · 28/06/2007 08:56

Why cant mum drop off later, agree not a good set up could mum not drop younger one to you a t the school? a later start but at least then mindee would not get upset.

Saz73 · 28/06/2007 09:15

I mentioned that to her, but she wants to continue with the early drop.

She says mindee is very demanding and with the move and such feels she couldn't cope at home.

OP posts:
ayla99 · 28/06/2007 12:52

We had a lot of dodging behind trees & such like when I had a 2 year old being brought to me at 8 am and I have a school run at 9 and her sibling was attending same school. Luckily we were aiming for different classrooms - when she was in the buggy I would turn buggy around facing away from path & talk to her as parent ran quickly past!

It was bit more difficult when we had to go to same classroom - I just scooped mindee up in my arms and chatted/distracted her til parent got by without being seen.

However, today she waved at mum as we passed in the playground and was happy to stay with me. But she's a very easy going child anyway. I can think of quite few mindees I've had who would have thought it was home-time!

don't agree to going later, not only will your ds be late but if you end up taking any other mindees in you'll have an obligation to get them in on time. Suggest YOU get there early and she waits til you come out before she goes in!! And make sure she understands its on a trial basis - if it all goes pearshaped you'll want to sit down & review the arrangement.

Saz73 · 05/07/2007 11:26

Hello again....

Well it's has gone pear shape. I get there early as I've done for the past year. Mindee's parent turns up just after me and cuddles mindee. When it's time to go in she takes her daughter in and leaves mindee with me having a mega temper tantrum. Usually takes over 30 mins calm her down.

This morning the same happen, but I have another mindee now and it's causing huge distress to her. So instead of 1 mindee crying it's now two!!

Going to have to talk to parent. Mindee leaves in just over 1 week but not sure if i can cope till then - need help!

OP posts:
PinkChick · 06/07/2007 15:12

the parent needs to understand if she wants you to look after her child from early and not meet you at school with her ie dropping off at school instead then she doe sit your way!, does she really want to see her lo upset like that?

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