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Earthymama · 26/06/2007 08:58

For the first time, I am going to have children from the same family to look after. I feel I should offer a reduced rate so what is the usual way of doing this?

If I do cut the fees I thought I would make it clear that parents will have to cover costs of trips out ie travel costs, eg a day ticket for the bus, admission fees and any souvenirs they want to buy. Does this seem fair to you?

I do not want to seem money grabbing but with 3 extra, twins and a younger child, that the sort of outlay that could eat up any money I get. We would only be going to that sort of paid trip about 3 times over the holidays, to a castle, a museum and to the Roman amphitheatre at Caerleon.

Otherwise, it will be the park or walks around here, we are lucky to be in a semi-rural area.
I would appreciate your advice, I want to speak to the parents later today.

(I have had to be formal as my computer disapproves of abbreviation this morning and was putting gobbledygook in my post; I need no encouragement, I can do that without any help!)

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S88AHG · 26/06/2007 09:59

I do a third off hourly rate usually but at the same time they are taking up spaces which would normally pay you the full rate, did they ask about a reduction? I dont think many people do it so its entirely your choice,


KaySamuels · 26/06/2007 10:02

I don't offer reductions for siblings (currently mind two sets), and I ask for contributions now and again for trips (probably 3 times in summer hols), and ask that they bring spending money and pack up. My hourly rates are very low though!

If they aren't expecting a reduction and kids seemed keen on your suggestions then I wouldn't offer one. hth


Earthymama · 26/06/2007 10:23

They asked!! Dad said he would have the day off work if they had to pay full charge!!. I do empathise it's a lot with 3 children, or am I being soppy?

I hadn't advertised, was just pootling along happily, but they've had breakdown in care due to illness and I was recommended so am looking at it as a bonus and planning to have a little holiday from it!!

I charge £3.50 ph, would you think £3 was reasonable?

OP posts:

Earthymama · 26/06/2007 10:24

Or maybe £3.50 for youngest who takes up a place and £3 each for twins (as my bonus mindees!!)

OP posts:

OFSTEDoutstanding · 26/06/2007 10:26

Yes thats what I do I am £3 per child per hour and same family are charged 2.50 for 2nd child. I always explain that I need entrance fees paying but that we only do a pay for activitiy once a week and then I restrict it to about £5 a child by taking picnics etc.


KaySamuels · 26/06/2007 10:30

Didn't realise there were 3 of them! Yes I would charge full fee for the little one and £3 each twin I think in your shoes (£9.50 p.h.from one family). You will probably (hopefully) find the big ones are good entertainment for the little ones and generally good company. As you say, they are a little bonus, think that's a good way to look at it!

Don't be too soft tho - they would have to pay someone - bet dad wouldn't really be able to take all the time off work he would need!


frankieb · 26/06/2007 13:50

I mind twins full time and offer a 50p/hr reduction for one.
Its not much but its adds up over a week for them.
Like you say you can't drop too much as you end up out of pocket yourself.


fedupwithallthispaperwork · 26/06/2007 13:52

I reduce the eldest sibling by 25p


Earthymama · 28/06/2007 08:24

Thanks for all this advice, going to ask full for little and £3 each for others.
Grandchildren stayed over last night so could not do anything like come on MN; how did I cope when my children lived with me all the time?
Thanks all!

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