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how much for live-in nanny sw london? and is it a good idea?

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hatwoman · 25/06/2007 13:55

our current live-out nanny has mentioned today that she might have to look for live-in work. we don;t want to loose her - she's excellent in every respect. However we don;t really want a live-in nanny. We have a spare room but it is one that gets used a lot by guests. (although we could put guests up on a futon). I also think she would be very good to live with. we could perhaps offer her live-in for a limited period - until she has sorted various things out. do you think we should? and what's the going rate?

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curiouscat · 25/06/2007 14:09

Depends on hours. Our live-in (TW9 area) receives £200 per week for full time work 9am-6pm and £80 per week term time. No bills and all food is paid for by us, she has free internet access on our pc too and her own TV. Guests get to stay on sofabed in dh's office. 2 dd's share a bedroom so is a room for the live-in and ds has his own room.

It works well as she has her own life in London and doesn't hang around us at weekends although of course she's welcome to. HTH.

balancingact · 25/06/2007 14:19

i live in clapham (SW4) - i employ a live in nanny - start time generally 730 am (i.e. when the kids wake up really - 2 kids 3.5 years and 1.5 years) - and i get home at about 630 pm. The 3.5 year old goes to nursery 3 mornings a week. We pay £300 net per week - we pay all taxes, bills, food, and any other expenses that involve kids (and the occasional times they go out for lunch and dinner). She has her own room and bathroom - she is very good at giving me and DH space - but i did make it clear that we really value our privacy. Maybe she eats dinner with us 2x a week (during weekdays), rest of time she eats with kids. At night she goes to gym or hangs out in her room. Weekends she goes home (out of london) or sometimes friends come but they really stay out of our way. Oh and she has use of our car if we're not using it.
Our jobs entail that we have somebody there flexible with hours as sometimes i have to work late on short notice so all in all, works for us. If she only needs live in position for a bit, i would be tempted to just do it - because you seem to like her - is it really a temporary arrangement she is looking for?
I think you can reasonably take out c£120-150 out of what you pay her as a live out to go live in? I would say the going rate is c£250-350 nett

jura · 25/06/2007 23:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hatwoman · 26/06/2007 19:01

thanks everone. it's looking like it might not come to it. the problem she is she only works p-t for us (3 days), until recently she was living with her boyfriend and so between them renting was affordable. unfortunately they've now split up - so she's going to be pushing it to afford anywhere on her own on three fifths of a f-t salary. although, in fact it's more like 3.5 - 4 fifths because she does extra hours for us in holidays and some other hours for another family - but still difficult to afford rent in this neck of the woods on her own. my mission is to find her some more work!

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