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Wanted: nanny sharing in Cardiff or part time nanny/mother's help Sept 07?

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LiliAnjelika · 25/06/2007 10:52

I'm in the Cardiff area and am looking to share a nanny/mother's help for a couple of mornings a week plus a few afternoon/evenings. I'm expecting a baby in late September 07 and I have a 2.5 yr old toddler who starts playgroup 3 mornings a week in early September. As my partner works away the idea is just to help get me set up for the day in the morning and/or possibly lend a hand with a few bedtimes. I will be looking to possibly extend hours in the future as I would like to be able to do a little bit of freelance work from home in the New Year/Spring 08! Anybody out there?!

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ziopin · 26/06/2007 09:06

Hi, I live in Cardiff and am looking for a part-time nanny to cover a maternity leave for 8 months.

I am looking for a nanny to do 22 hours a week - from 12 - 5 (2 days a week) and 12- 4 (3 days a week). Term time only.

Where do you live in Cardiff? We live in Roath Park.

LiliAnjelika · 26/06/2007 10:22

Hi Ziopin. I live in Grangetown. I'm quite flexible re hours but it sounds like your needs perfectly complement mine, as I would like a couple of mornings (probably 8/9 til middayish) and a few evenings. I have no idea how many hours nannies work so we would have to discuss that one directly with whoever. It seems that the bigger challenge is going to be finding a nanny. I have contacted the Association of Nanny Agencies who can only recommend looking in Yellow Pages. There is also a nannysharing website but from what I can see, it doesn't seem to be a promising route of enquiry. I will persevere with my search this end, asking round etc. Do you have any leads?

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ziopin · 26/06/2007 11:20

I have been fortunate enough to find 2 brilliant nanny's, advertising in the S W Echo.

I have an advert running on next wednesday for a part-time nanny, but I will also ask if they would like to nanny-share.

If you'd prefer CAT me with your number, and I will give you a call tonight.


LiliAnjelika · 26/06/2007 13:08

Was just about to contact an agency when I saw your message! Sounds really promising. I've emailed you my number so would be good to talk tonight.

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