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C/M's: Yet another variation question..

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crace · 24/06/2007 15:01

I am allowed 3, only 2 of which can be under 5. I have a dilemna now, I have mindee 1 who is currently 7am - 1pm and has been since Feb. I am also doing p/t-ad-hoc work for another few mums on an occasional basis for the other under 5 but they are all p/t - few hours here and there each week.

I am starting a new baby in september who will be full time..

One of the ad-hoc/pt mums has asked me to grab her 3 year old from pre-school in septbember from 12pm-3pm, 2 days a week.

I would just need a variation for 1 hour a day from 12-1pm but potentially mindee 1 would be full time at some point so would need the variation to be 12-3.

What/how do I ask for the additional under 5 for 12-1 or 3?

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frankieb · 24/06/2007 17:44

I would initially ask for the 1 hour, when you have prooved this is working OK they will be more likely to agree a variation of greater hours.
Make sure you give them loads of info, where you will go, how you will transport and dates for variation.
Good luck


nannynick · 24/06/2007 17:46

I'd aim to get a variation for 12-3 as that will be more flexible should minee 1 become full-time.

Does the pt mum have fixed days for 2 days a week? How long will the arrangement need to be for - you need to be able to give Ofsted a end date, so that the variation is not indefinite. It may be that the variation is needed until the child starts full-time school, for example.

Why are you only allowed 2 under 5? Is one of your own children under 5, if so, how old are they - when will they start school full-time?


crace · 24/06/2007 17:59

That makes sense.. my children are 10 and 18 months but I think my initial inspector was on the cautious side - she mentioned me applying for more once I was "more settled"..

OP posts:

crace · 24/06/2007 18:00

Sorry, and yes the p/t had been two mornings a week for a long time now and then wants after preschool until school run time while her other children are in school, so same days just different hours..

OP posts:

nannynick · 24/06/2007 18:35

Few more queries:

Do you care for the child at all before pre-school? What happens during pre-school holidays/closure? Are you on call while child is at pre-school?

'more settled'... wonder what inspector menant. New to minding, recently moved house?
Any previous childcare experience?

Is there sufficient space for you to take additional children - inspector saying that you could apply for more once settled implies that physical space isn't an issue - though best to check.


mogs0 · 24/06/2007 19:50

I was originaly registered for 2 children. I currently have 4 part-timers and asked ofsted to increase my numbers to 3 so that if one of my current parents needed to swap a day to a day where I already had 2 then I'd be able to accomodate everyone!

I sent a detailed letter explaining how I'd manage an extra child at mealtimes/ sleeptimes/ and on outings. Ofsted were fine with it and approved it, although I'm still waiting for my new certificate!

I would ask for the variation to cover 12-3 because the variation thing is quite a slow process and I wouldn't want to be having to do it again in a few weeks time.


ayla99 · 25/06/2007 09:59

re - "more settled". I remember when I first registered the inspector strongly recommended I start off small by registering for just 1 or 2 minded children with a view to expanding as I became more experienced. I pointed out that I could still start out small while registered for the maximum possible - that way when I was happy to take on more mindees I wouldn't have to bother Ofsted with the paperwork/admin to change it.

re- request for variation. Write to Ofsted detailing names & ages of the children present during overlap. Say that the maximum possible time you will be over numbers will be 12-3 but in practice it could well be only until 1 pm. The variation certificates I've had didn't state the days or hours of the arrangement but simply referred to the request I'd made. Also worth mentioning that you've spoken to all parents concerned and all are happy with the proposal.

Good luck


crace · 25/06/2007 10:47

To be honest, I would like to have another spot available to me, period.. I have a pretty good ad-hoc service going and would like to keep them! Not sure if I should push the issue for another full time under 5 or not...

OP posts:

crace · 25/06/2007 10:48

Can I even have one? I have 2 under 5 mindees, plus my own 18 mo?

OP posts:

crace · 25/06/2007 17:13

bump - anyone remind me of what we are allowed for numbers?

OP posts:

ayla99 · 25/06/2007 17:23

Ofsted - 6 under eights, of these no more than 3 may be under five and only one may be under one year old.
Public Liability insurance is usually for 12 maximum.
So you can legally have 6 under 8s and 6 over 8s - but you have to show Ofsted the care of the over 8s does not adversely affect the care of the younger ones.

Also you have to have a certain amount of space per child, so for some people its not possible to register for the full amount.


crace · 25/06/2007 18:53

And mine counts as under 5 doesn't she - so I couldn't get a variation if I wanted to?

OP posts:

nannynick · 25/06/2007 20:31

It is possible to have 4 under 5's. However you need to make a case for continuity of care, such as siblings.

See Childminder Guidance - Feb 2004 (HMI 2089) page 7 - More than three children aged under five.


crace · 26/06/2007 12:53

Darn, well that looks like a no then - it's for new business and I doubt very much they would go for that.

Thanks Nick

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