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QUICK!!! Please tell me about 7 month olds!!

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KaySamuels · 21/06/2007 20:06

If you are reading this thankyou!
I have a lady coming to visit me tomorrow with her 7 and a 1/2 month old. I haven't looked after a baby since ds was one (now 2 and a 1/2) and I think it all passed in a sleep deprived blur!

So what do seven month olds like to play with, what are they doing, what makes yours laugh etc.

Tell me all about your 7m old!

All replies greatly appreciated!

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crace · 21/06/2007 20:15

Hiya - I googled 7 month old development and lots came up but this in relation to toys and games:
Your baby enjoys playing the same game over and over because she likes predictability. In addition to peekaboo (see above), try adding classics such as round and round the garden and patta-cake patta-cake to your repertoire.

At this age, babies also tend to gravitate toward stuffed animals, both big and small. Most likely, one will emerge as the favourite security object and will soon be covered in dribble and have to accompany you everywhere. When adding new members to your soft toy collection, look for soft, well-stitched stuffed toys that can be washed. Other good toys include balls, nesting cylinders, pop-up toys, and large dolls.

If your baby has a favourite plaything or two, you may start to realise that the expression "as easy as taking sweets from a baby" no longer applies. While it used to be easy to remove things from her grasp, you may now find her protesting loudly when you take toys and other things away.


Shoshable · 21/06/2007 20:26

Snap Kay got a 7 month old starting next month, last one I had is now 4


KaySamuels · 21/06/2007 21:13

That's fab crace thanks!
All their little stages all blur into each other I have found, good to have a few reminders!

I have no baby things! Need toys, double buggy, highchair, everything! Mum not coming til 6pm so will be popping to toy library and shops tomorrow! (waves hi to shosha)

Anyone else with sugestions I would really appreciate it!

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 21/06/2007 22:58

Don't get too much stuff until you know what stage of development he/she is at! My mindee1 is now 10 months old and only just learnt to sit so has been in the bouncy chairs and lying on play mat for past 4 months I went and got loads of stuff down from loft that ds used at that age and it all went back up again as he wasn't ready for it.


london11 · 21/06/2007 23:43

My 7 mth mindee is sitting (surrounded by cushions) and is too heavy for bouncy chair. Loves leapfrog/graco stand in activy centre, anything she can chew, rolling on floor, talking/singing, musical instruments, wreaking other mindees train track/carefully prepared row of cars/animals and pulling my hair!!! Good luck with interview.


Chopster · 21/06/2007 23:48

I agree with waiting for now. Ive had a cruising 7 month old who was only interested in walls, two crawling month olds and a 7 mnth old only interested lying back looking at the the ceiling. None of mine have ever been into cuddly toys apart the one who was immobile who had a rabbit that went everywhere until he was 4. I think the best entertainment for any 7 mnth old is something like one of those stand in activity centers. All of mine loved those at that age, no matter what stage of mobility they were at.


KaySamuels · 22/06/2007 08:33

That's a good point regarding development thanks. Mum seems really keen on me already and I'm feeling quite positive about the visit. Do you think I could say to her that I wanted to see what stage of development he was at before I got some play equipment just for him? He is/has been (not sure if still there) at a nursery so don't want her to think I won't have anything for him!

She mentioned on the phone last night that she would like him to maybe start on Monday (Think visit is mainly to talk dad round!)

My ds never bothered wih soft toys either (except for dp's 30yr old teddy).

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