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CM CLUB School plays, sports days and fetes!!!

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 19/06/2007 22:35

Its that time of year again and Iwas wondering if any of you with young children of your own (mine is 20 months) will go to watch your mindees in the end of term concerts, plays, sports days and fetes that are going on constantly now summer hols are coming.
My 3 older mindees all go to same school and it is supposed to be their sports day this week weather permitting. I also have my ds and mindee 1 (9 months). Do any of you go to school things to watch your mindees or do you think it is best not to start something that you may end up regretting. As I said at the mo its not too much of a problem as they are all at same school but dread to think what happens if I sign up children from different schools. Is it best to stay away and not go watch? This was so much easier when I was a nanny I just went along and watched them do everything as usually the parents were too busy to go.

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MaureenMLove · 19/06/2007 22:43

I only go to support mindees IF no one else is going and thats only if parents ask me to. Like you, its easy atm, dd is at the same school, but from Septembe she'll be elsewhere. I did go to one nursery xmas production, but I went with mum, because she invited me.

OFSTEDoutstanding · 20/06/2007 08:43

Thats ok for you though as your dd is at the same school so when you go watch her your mindees propbably think that you are there watching them! My problem is I have no children of my own at mindees school so really don't know what to do

OP posts:
Shoshable · 20/06/2007 08:46

I go to all my mindees things, often Mums cant make it so we go the littlies love watching, although a few years ago my then 10 year old mindee was the narrator in the Christmas play and 18 month old mindee called her name out everytime she stood up, 10 year old got the giggles

KaySamuels · 20/06/2007 09:13

I don't go to plays as I have a little ds and he wouldn't sit through them but I go to everything else - xmas and summer fete, make buns for these with the kids, sports day, singsong in playground for RND, etc. I have one mindee who gets particularly upset on such occasions so I always make sure I go for him as none of his family ever go.

dmo · 20/06/2007 09:30

my boys are at same school as mindees so i see them while i watch my boys but i wouldnt go to infants sports day unless the parents couldnt make it.
i always go to watch the infants christmas play as my new after school children like to know i am there but thats it.

but saying that ds1 is in the final yr at primary school and they did a mass the other day which i couldnt go to as it is to much hassle with my 3 mindees can only do things on a monday and friday when i havent got a certain mindee

Rubybees · 20/06/2007 11:28

I go if I can make it. As dmo said taking 3 little ones can be hard work (and mine all sleep 1-3pm) so I will be attending sports day ect as thats in morning. Last year I had 2 little ones with my, and ds in reception and older ones 5-8 years I think I walked more than they did sports back and forward but it really did make their day when they spotted me x

star1976 · 20/06/2007 13:23

dmo - Your 3 little ones all sleep from 1 till 3???? You are SO lucky!!!

I have been known to put mine in the car and take them for a drive as is the only way all 3 will sleep at the same time (took my accounts book with me and parked up and did half hour one day last week)! DS is great and can fall alseep in the middle of the playroom floor with other two playing around him, but two mindee's just will not sleep unless in the car or pram!

I do despair sometimes I have to admit!

star1976 · 20/06/2007 13:24

Sorry rubybees - it's your little ones that sleep 1 till 3pm!!! SO tired today!

OFSTEDoutstanding · 20/06/2007 17:37

Thanks for all your replies I have just come back from sports day and it was lovely. The 3 mindees faces lit up when me and ds and mindee 1 walked across the field. It was really nice and the mums all told me they were really pleased to see me especially as they couldn't get there til after it had started!

OP posts:
mogs0 · 20/06/2007 20:03

I have the opposite, I have to take mindees to my ds' events! I only had one last year so sports day was fine but anything that involves him having to sit still for more than 30 seconds is a bit of a nightmare!

Ds had his class assembly last month and mindee1 was supposed to be arriving after I'd been to watch ds but last minute he had to come before. I packed lots of grapes, rice cakes etc but he still talked all the way through and wanted to go and see ds!

ayla99 · 25/06/2007 15:01

Glad you had a good day oo. I have the same problem mogs0. I'd like to book days/afternoons off but we get so little notice of the time of plays/events.

the worst one was when I missed both ds & dd's races due to wc. trips & nappy changes! The format of the sports day is much improved now. In the past we had to sit through an afternoon of the whole school doing races just to watch your own child participate in 2 races. Which was fine for me cos I knew kids in nearly every race. But boring for some parents who only wanted to watch their own. Now they're all in teams and they have 4 "stations" and you follow your own child from station to station eg one station might be foam javelins & shot put and another station might be egg & spoon & hurdles. So now, if I miss one of ds's races I still get to see loads more. But I don't get to watch the mindees who've been put in different groups

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