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CM CLUB:Mindees in other peoples houses?!

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PinkChick · 19/06/2007 14:26

A friend of mine(we trained together) has been to cm group with me this morning, i said she should pop over sometime so she has just been with her own dd and mindee.
my dd and mindee where eating lunch still and when we got in playroom it was trashed!, now i know i shouldnt have expensive items in the playroom, but i 'know' my own mindees and there are things they cant use(babies cant eat the kareoke mic, we dont smash the v-smile on the floor), but this one child didnt seem to realise that nor did cm?, she is really lovely and seems different to me in her ways, but after a bit id had enough, asked him to take his shoes off if he wanted to climb on sofa, not throw v-smile on floor and not to throw xyz........argh!, it was 1 1/2 of stresss!, now i appreciate how good my dd and mindees are!..i said to my dd and mindee could you pick up the play food off floor for me please? and theyve totally put everything away..bless them, theyre gettting the biggestb sticker ever and a much sought after babybell!

so what are your play dates like and what are your mindees like at other houses?

OP posts:

mogs0 · 19/06/2007 14:35

What a nightmare!

I have a few nanny friends and when they come over all the toys get pulled out (by their charges obviously!! ). They always offer to help tidy up before they leave but sometimes it's easier for me to do it as I know where everything goes!

I don't remember a child trying to destroy things, apart from one of my mindees but it wasn't done maliciously (sp?) he's just gets a bit excited!

Maybe next time you could suggest meeting at the park?


dmo · 19/06/2007 14:39

i have friends over every friday
friend 1: is training to become a childminder she only had one dd who is nearly 4 (starts school in sept)
friend 2: i used to childmind her ds before she had the baby so she comes with 2 ds's aged nearly 4 and 1 yr

we all go to toddler group in the morning then back to mine for lunch (friends bring their own packed lunch) we all have lunch then one of my mindees goes home and the other 2 go to bed so its just me my freinds and their children.
when everybody goes home i go outside and the place is trasted and while they are here i am forever sweaping up crumbs

anyway both 4 yr olds go to school in september


PinkChick · 19/06/2007 14:42

yes, def park next time!, he wasnt smashing things maliciously, just throwing them as this is what he 'can' do at home, ..but my dd and all mindees are really 'gentle' with things(that is our 'word' in this house, instead of no dont break it, we say BE GENTLE xxx)

OP posts:

mogs0 · 19/06/2007 15:09

Sadly, few people understand the word "gentle" in my house! 2 of my mindees are 2.5yr old boys, plus my nearly 5 yr old ds. That's about 3 boys too many! I need more girls!!

I alternate the toy kitchen with the garage/dolls house. One will be in ds' bedroom and the other in the sitting room. I changed it over about 2 weeks ago so that the kitchen is in the lounge and every single day mindee2 empties every bit of food, plate, cutlery out and dumps it on the floor! Admittedly, I'm a bit anal about having all the bits in the right place at the end of each day so will spend about 30 minutes just sorting out this one small area of my flat! Within 5 minutes of him arriving the next day it's all chucked on the floor!! I have given up on it this week. I think it'll be heading back to ds' room and the garage can come back out!!


PinkChick · 19/06/2007 15:15

oh dont get me wrong, my todler mindees empty toys out, one in particular tips the shopping trolley out at least 50 times a day!, but even at his age he knows we have to tidy it back up before he tips anything else out(doesnt always work, ends up me tidying and mindee putting one bit it but at least its a start!)

OP posts:

dmo · 19/06/2007 21:47

mog dh said i should only take girls from now on as we are over run by boys
(i perfer boys )
why not go to your freinds house?


PinkChick · 19/06/2007 22:16

too far and dont have car very often, well meet in park/group in future

OP posts:

bonkerz · 19/06/2007 22:21

I regularly have 3 other childminders with mindees at mine for lunch! This can mean i have up to 12 children at mine at once and i always cook for them and childminder friends! Hectic but fun!! Must say though that my house is usually cleaner after they leave than when they arrived! Maybe i just have brilliant friends!

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