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Places at a nursery so what about the nanny?

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Clare21 · 19/06/2007 13:18

Our beloved nanny of 3 years standing wants to have a chat about 'the future' tomorrow night. We've just got places for our 31/2 year old twins at the nursery attached to the local primary school, so 9.15-3.15. We'd envisaged keeping our lovely nanny on, so effectively paying her to do nothing during the daytime, so she could still do mornings and then pick them up for school, and cover the summer holidays. She works 3 days a week for us. We are anxious that she's about to say she wants to hand in her notice... the reason that I've been able to handle going back to work is because she is just so fantastic, so life without her, particularly when they're about to embark on a big step, fills us with doom.
At the moment she takes them to morning playgroup, alternating which child she keeps with her and which goes to playgroup.
What do other people do to cover the morning (for me 7.30-9.15) and then after school plus holidays?

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 19/06/2007 13:41

Don't panic Clare! Chances are that your nanny wants to talk about the future because she is worried that you are going to give her notice with the twins starting member when I was a nanny I had the talk when the children were all going into full time education and I thought that it would be the end of me working for the family but I ended up staying another 5 years!! It worked really well the mum still had me come in the mornings to get them ready and take them to school then from 9-3 I did all housework and laundry prepared evening meal and even did tesco shopping. I loved it because during term time once I collected the children from school all my jobswere done so I could concentrate on looking after the children and entertaining them and in the holidays I was still there to have them full time.
Like I say don't worry about your nanny giving in hernoticeuntil you are definitely sure thats what it is about. If all else fails you could get a cm to cover the school run for you.


Eleusis · 19/06/2007 16:03

I agree. She probably wants to know if she still has a job. And I'm sure she'll be thrilled to find out she does.


goingfor3 · 19/06/2007 16:04

I agree with the others she just needs to know if she still has a job with you. Good luck!


Quattrocento · 19/06/2007 16:09

Agree with the others. Our childcare arrangements around school are very make-do-and-mend atm. We do all the before school ourselves as we share a school run and DH has a job where he can be flexibleish in the mornings.

After school, we have a lady who we pay for 2 days a week. She is very good but seems to go on holiday around 12 weeks a year, my mother helps, and we do what we can. The gaps are horrendous tbh, so we are going to have an aupair. Hopefully.


nannynick · 19/06/2007 18:45

Agree with others, if you have not mentioned to her previously about looking at a nursery, then she may have got wind of your twins having got a place at the nursery, and thus is concerned that she may not have a job much longer.

Best to be honest with your employee... keep her informed of latest developments, reassure her that you are not intending to make her redundant.

She on the other-hand may want to bring some things up with you... such as a change in her personal life which may affect how much longer she will work for you - such as moving home, being pregnant, etc.

Perhaps ask her in the morning if there is any particular topic for that evenings chat, so that you can prepare. Tell her you are worried that she may be wanting to leave... and it is causing you to worry.


Clare21 · 19/06/2007 22:07

Thank you so much everyone, I mentioned to her briefly tonight (in laws around) that we wanted her to stay with us as long as she possibly could and she was chuffed. But we've agreed to talk properly tomorrow night once the children are in bed. I think it's fair to say we've been so wound up with the idea of them going to this nursery that we hadn't paused to think of how she might feel... hopeless.

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