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CM or nanny share in BR2 - bromley

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forevermore · 18/06/2007 22:04

lookin for a nanny share for 4 days a week or childminder. dd is 2 in july and with a CM out of the area (we have moved home) now thinking that he will have to start preschool in 6 months or so and wil need CM to take her there and pick up and hopefully continue cae for when she is at school F/T. would love a nanny but cannot afford one on my own, would equaly consider a CM since my current one is lovely and wished we could move her but no can do

its a long shot but is anyone thinking of sharing a nanny know of a great CM in BR2 - Bromley kent?

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forevermore · 18/06/2007 22:05

also anyone know of costs invoved? nanny share versus CM in Bromley kent/ 4 days 8am -6pm?

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fifilou · 19/06/2007 10:39

I know a fantastic nanny who is currently on maternity leave and returning to work in september.

She lives in chislehurst.......isnt that your way?

she has the most fantastic refs, and is looking to work 4 days a week with her own baby.

when she worked as a nanny share for two families, her net wage was £450


fifilou · 19/06/2007 10:49 could advertise your postion on simply childcare.


forevermore · 19/06/2007 11:58


I think that is about a 15 minute drive away

do you have her contact details? or could I email you?

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fifilou · 19/06/2007 12:17

ive just been in touch with her, and shes decided shes now not going back until january, and also only going to work 3 days when she returns to nannying. (lucky girl!) so apologies for raising your hopes, but good luck in your search.

There are lots of nany shares on the familiesonline website, also simply childcare and gumtree.


dorset · 19/06/2007 16:23

Hi try advertising on netmums in bromley there are quite a few childminders / nannies advertise on here.


youpeskykids · 19/06/2007 16:30

Forevermore - I'm in Bromley BR1, and am going back to work in January and I too am looking for a childminder/nanny to look after my DS1 who will be just over 4, and my DS2 who will be 9months by then.

Not sure what the limit of children is per nanny/CM?

Any useful sites you find, please let me know?!


Jackmummy · 19/06/2007 20:20

Allycat is a childminder in Bromley. She may be able to help you. I've copied and pasted info below from her add on the vacancy board.


Hi there. I live in Mead Way, walking distance from both Hayes and Bromley South train stations.

Contact me if you need help with your childcare. [email protected]


star1976 · 19/06/2007 20:34

I'm probably too far away, I'm BR5. According to local CIS there are lots of childminders with vacancies at the moment though! Call them for a list of those with vacancies.

Tel - 0208 464 0276
Or can log onto their website which is part of -

Know nothing about nanny's so can't help there!


forevermore · 21/06/2007 13:43

youpeskykids - will your 4 year old be in school by then? if so which one? my dd will be going to highfields in future (i think).

br1 and br2 are near by maybe we could help each other out.

i will contact alleycat who seems to be down the road from me too. and netmums. I don't really need anyone until January onwards either.

OP posts:

youpeskykids · 21/06/2007 22:30

Hi there - with any luck DS1 will go to Valley Primary (just round the corner from us). I work in Bromley too - DS1 currently goes to Les Enfants nursery.

DS1 won't start school until Sept 08, until then he'll go to Les Enfants 4 days per week (MIL has him Weds).

Sounds like it could work - let's keep in touch....


forevermore · 23/06/2007 20:58

youpeskykids can you CAT me?

would like to talk more

OP posts:

youpeskykids · 24/06/2007 22:17

forevermore - email me at youpeskykids at aol dot com with your contact details and I can get in touch.

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