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nanny redundancy pay

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40nanny · 18/06/2007 17:22

hi , im a nanny, but job is finishing august when child is going to school, thing is im pregnant, i thought i would get maternity pay, but now bossis giving redundancy pay, does this mean i wont be able to claim any maternity benefits now, thanks for info or anyone been in this situation

OP posts:

MinW · 18/06/2007 17:36

I guess as the child is going to school there is no longer any need for your role as nanny and therefore your job has 'gone away' one of the legal reasons for dismissal due to redundancy. I don't think that you would have a case for any unfair treatment on the basis of your pregnancy as the reason the job is ending seems clear cut.

However, you may be able to claim maternity allowance. This is a good website which should help you find out what you are entitled to: 90


jura · 18/06/2007 17:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NannyL · 18/06/2007 20:42


can you legally start your maternity leave BEFORE augaust, ie if you start the maximum time allowed before baby is born...

if you could then surely you will be using your legal entitielment to maternity pay...

they will also be making you redundant so as far as i see it you would get redundancy pay too.... surley?


mogs0 · 18/06/2007 21:20

When is your baby due? Would you be starting maternity leave around August?

Either way you should still be able to claim maternity allowance (although this would be less than smp for the first 6? weeks) but better than nothing.

I know someone who was made redundant quite early on into her pregnancy and her employers said they'd arrange for SMP anyway but then stopped taking her calls and answering her emails so in the end she had to apply for MA.

Have you talked to your employers about it?


soapbox · 18/06/2007 21:32

TBH, from a practical pov I would try and negotiate something with your employers.

I would ask them to consider giving you mat pay rather than redundancy, as they can reclaim all of the mat pay plus an additional 5% of the mat pay for admin costs, from HMRC. It is definitely to their financial benefit to do this rather than pay redundancy costs, and it is in your benefit to get mat pay rather than redundacy pay. So a win win all round.

In your convo with them, you need to be clear that if they accomodate your request then you will not also expect to receive redundancy pay at any point.


Eleusis · 19/06/2007 11:37

How long have you worked for them? If it is less than 2 years, then they do not need to pay you anything for the redundancy. And, for maternity pay, will you have satisfied the 126 consecutive weeks by 15 weeks before the baby is due? In other words when are you due?

If you have worked for them for more than two years, I would seek redundancy and maternity pay, to be honest. They are separate issues. If you are are entitled to both, ask for both.


MrsWobble · 19/06/2007 12:02

also following soapbox's post you should be aware that redundancy pay is tax free but maternity pay is not. This might not matter if you only work in net terms but might make a difference to your employer. However, I'm with Eleusis on this - if you're entitled to both you should get both.


nannynick · 19/06/2007 18:29

You may want to chat with ACAS about this, as they will be able to advise you on what you should be able to claim from your employer. I would try to claim both Redundancy Pay and SMP if you meet the criteria.

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