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How do you all feel about teenage boy babysitters?

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NoNoNoNo · 16/06/2007 18:30

How do you feel about teenage boys rather than the usual teenage girls babysitting? And if you think they're fine, have you used teenage boys to babysit as much as teenage girls?

Reason I ask is that my young lad is interested in doing some babysitting over the Summer, to earn a few bob. I was wondering if he was going to run into more difficulties than a teenage girl might. I suppose I sort of expect he will

What do you think?

OP posts:

MaureenMLove · 16/06/2007 18:37

Initially I thought as your name suggests! But actually, as long as he's trustworthy and the people he is sitting for know him already - I can't see a problem.


Marina · 16/06/2007 18:46

I agree with Maureen. I know a couple of teenage boys (older, A Level gap year types) who are excellent with kids. I'd have to know the sitter well, but that also applies to any female sitter we would use
Go for it Nononono - it could bankroll him through college. Friend of ds has had a temp "Manny" doing school pick ups and drop offs this week and has been in Boy Heaven.


NannyL · 16/06/2007 19:37

when i moved away from where i lived a few of my familes replaced me with a teenage boy (aged 16)

(a VERY nice intelligent young teenager, from a locely family, who ironically I used to babysit for him and his brother years back!)

so long as the boy is respsonsible then i personally dont see why it should matter!

I would sooner leave my own chidlren with him than many other teenage girls that I know!

Good luck to your son!


southeastastra · 16/06/2007 19:51

it's fine, i'd prefer a male for my sons (5 and 13). if he enjoys it get to to apply for playscheme work during the summer (how old is he?) we're crying out for male workers!


nannynick · 16/06/2007 20:15

I used to me a teenage boy - now I'm a bit older

I don't feel that gender causes any problem... it is far more about how well the person gets on with the children, how responsible that person is, how reliable they are, that sort of thing.

Alas the media has brainwashed many in the UK to think that all men are bad. Just my opinion of course So YES, he will come across some parents who won't consider ever having a man in a childcare role.

Being a male childcarer, I have noticed over the past 10 years that attitudes have changed a little... some parents will consider men in caring roles - as you will see from comments of previous posters on this thread.

I wish him luck... perhaps he will enjoy it so much that he helps at a playscheme and goes on to do a childcare degree.


star1976 · 16/06/2007 20:24

My male half cousin babysat for my DD from her being 2 to her being about 6 quite often!

Was about 14 when he started, so by the time he stopped he was working and out clubing on a weekend (which is why he stopped).

She thought he was great and when he first started sitting she couldn't say Chris so called him crisp, which she still does (now nearly 9) much to his embarrasment.

The fact he is male never bothered me, but as with most people, male or female would need to know the babysitter anyway!

If it was someone not related, would want them to spend some time with us as a family before allowing to babysit.


star1976 · 16/06/2007 20:25

nanynick - sorry for being rude - but I do always wonder how much older than a 'teenage boy' you are


nannynick · 16/06/2007 21:19

early 30's. So not a teenager any more


DominiConnor · 16/06/2007 21:21

I was a teenage boy babysitter.
(Title of a movie ?)
Don't think I was any worse than a girl, and was a lot better behaved than some of the stories I heard.


southeastastra · 16/06/2007 21:33



star1976 · 16/06/2007 21:38

Thanks nannynick - my curiosity cured


RIELOVESBACARDI · 16/06/2007 21:40

my 17 year old sits for his work mates kids and he's really good with kids, i don't think he would be much good with babies but he was with his b &s


potoroo · 16/06/2007 21:56

My brothers and sister and I got babysat by two teenage boys - next door neighbour and other nearby friend at different times.

I certainly wouldn't have an issue with having a teenage boy babysit instead of a girl.


nannynick · 17/06/2007 08:42

I would expect that he would find it easier if he aimed initially to work for parents who had boys, or a mixture of boys and girls.

I was just updating my files, and I care for 10 Girls and 19 Boys. Only 2 families (14%) had only Girls. Whereas 5 families (35%) had only boys. 50% of families for whom I work, had both Girls and Boys.


NoNoNoNo · 17/06/2007 12:30

Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement and advice.

I'll let you know how he gets on

OP posts:

mojosmum · 17/06/2007 14:31

my friend ds sat for my dd from her being 12wks he was great with her & even now she still loves him to bits but he doesnt sit for me now as hes older & has a job but still comes round to see her


ThePrisoner · 17/06/2007 16:56

My brothers both took over my babysitting jobs when I started getting a social life. They were obviously known to the families. As with other posters, I think you need to know the sitter, male or female.


star1976 · 17/06/2007 17:02

My SS's older brother (but not my DP's) is 13 now and I know that he looks after his other siblings (twins aged nearly 2 and a 3 year old sister).

However, over my rotting corpse would I allow him to look after my children (including my SS/his brother who is 10), even though I have spent a lot of time with him over the past 5 years.

Really does need to be someone you know and TRUST!


star1976 · 17/06/2007 17:02

Just re read my last post! Was it just too confusing?

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