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How do you give notice to mindees ?

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S88AHG · 14/06/2007 18:21

Just asking as I am considering doing this and dont want to come across the wrong way but also want to be clear on why I am doing it!!! Dont want to give too much away, and I know I dont have to give a reason to parents but want to to stop confrontation/discussion, TIA

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Katymac · 14/06/2007 18:31

My circustances have changed & I will no longer be able to mind XYZ. The last day I can mind them will be xx/xx/xx.


S88AHG · 14/06/2007 18:40

And have you had much confrontation/arguements etc?

OP posts:

Katymac · 14/06/2007 18:44

I'm sorry my reasons are personal and I can't really discuss them (look a bit upset)

I have sacked 2 families of 2 children

Neither went willingly - but DH came & hovered in the background (so I cheated)


S88AHG · 14/06/2007 18:47

Thing is I drop off at childs house and its on doorstep of block of flats not my house, see where I am coming from, otherwise would also have dh hovering in bavkground!!!

OP posts:

Katymac · 14/06/2007 18:50

Do it in writing

Offer to waive the notice period


S88AHG · 14/06/2007 18:52

Thanks for all the advice I am just a chicken when it comes to stuff like this!!!!

OP posts:

mogs0 · 14/06/2007 19:04

I'm in a similar position. I really want to move to be nearer my family but am really nervous about giving notice to my 4 mindees. I've now told 3 of them and am planning to tell the 4th tomorrow. I'm not actually moving til the end of the year but thought parents might take it better if they have LOTS of notice!

I have been trying to decide which is the best way to give notice ie. letter, email, phone or face-to-face? My preferred choice would be email because I am such a wimp but feel it's such a personal situation that it should be done face to face with a letter to support.

Good luck!


Katymac · 14/06/2007 19:16

Face to face with letter

Don't be drawn

Just keep saying I'm sorry it's personal I feel bad for letting you down if you find alternative childcare I won't hold you to the notice period etc etc etc

Don't get in to why & because just keep saying it's personal


PinkChick · 16/06/2007 20:12

ask them to come to you or ask for phone call in private?, detail prob in letter is noother solution but let her know if she/he can tmeet that you have something important to discuss at will have to be over letter!


S88AHG · 16/06/2007 21:16

Thanks for the advice all done and dusted, not as easy as that but its done now so feel much better thanks all x

OP posts:

PinkChick · 17/06/2007 21:54

glad you got sorted


S88AHG · 17/06/2007 22:02

Thanks so am I had headaches all week before I managed to sort it out, that 'll teach me not to let it fester and get on and deal with it, but its hard!!!

OP posts:

Katymac · 17/06/2007 22:04

Glad it's dealt with - I bet you feel releived


S88AHG · 18/06/2007 12:41

Yes I do thanks and am gonna change a few things for future mindees to prevent it happening again!!!! Always learn from my mistakes!!

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