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Do any of you do school collect only?

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 14/06/2007 13:13

Hi have justhad a message left on my answer phone asking me to collect a 5 and 7 year old from school and drop at their house where the mother will be as she works from home and wont be able to collect them. It is a different school to where I usually do my collects from but finishes early enough to do both. It will not require any childcare in school hols litterally mon-fri school gate to home (about a 3 mile drive) and only 3 miles from my house too. Don't think I will take them on as don't see myself as a taxi service which basically isall she wants but if I decided to what should I charge her for this service? TIA

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 14/06/2007 13:47


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S88AHG · 14/06/2007 13:58

I would say minimum charge which is 2 hours for me per child, otherwise its not worth it


ayla99 · 14/06/2007 15:06

I do a test drive of journey to get exact mileage (and check for roadworks & other problems). 40p per mile for whole journey so if journey is 3 miles from you to school, 3 miles from school to their house then 3 miles back to your house thats 9 miles per day = £3.60 per day plus £5 per child minimum daily fee, assuming I could drop them off before picking up at next school.

If I agreed. Which I probably wouldn't.

There'd have to be hefty late fees in the eventuality mum wasn't home when I arrived to drop off.


ThePrisoner · 14/06/2007 19:00

I've done it in the past, and charged for a minimum of one hour (which is what I do for all schoolchildren).

I think you have to be careful about charging for mileage, because that makes you a taxi service - you need to charge for your time.


alibubbles · 16/06/2007 13:31

I do something similar, less than an hour, but charge £10 per child - my minimum charge and they are siblings, so parent pays £20. The cost to her is worth every penny to not have to get the car out, park etc, gives her an invaluable hour of working time for which she is paid about £100 an hour.

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