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CM Club - 2 Yrs Mindee's Eating Habit/Problem

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Saz73 · 14/06/2007 12:49


I don't often post on here, but feel it's time as my 2 yr mindee is driving me mad!!

The problem has only just started recently ie last 2 wks. She eats her dinner fine but towards the end when obviously she must be feeling alittle full, she doesn't empty hre mouth. Several times I thought she had finished and she's got down from the table and 30 mins later after wondering why she's not chatting is that she's still got the last bit of food in her mouth!! This has made her physically be sick twice now.

Have mentioned this to parents and there answer is "she doesn't do this at home", but parents did mention that she gorges her food at home and this makes her sick.

I;ve even tried giving her different foods, as I thought maybe she doesn't like bread or something else.

It's upsetting my other mindee's & DS and in despair what to do.

Any suggestions guys....

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looneytune · 14/06/2007 13:17


My old mindee (you know the one who was ds's age) used to do this with oranges. She eat an orange and I'd think she's finished and then I'd find her messing about an hour later and would look in her mouth and see all the left over skin type stuff!! BUT, my problem is just with oranges.

How long have you got left with her? I presume this is the one who's leaving soon? And isn't this a new thing she's started doing? Just wondered if it's a behaviour thing??? Sorry, no real advice

Saz73 · 14/06/2007 13:27

Yes, it's the one leaving. Spoke to mum today, got her for another 5-6 weeks max.

It's going through my mind that it may be a behaviour thing, as there's alot of things happening at home at the mo, moving house, parents studying like mad.

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NannyClaire · 14/06/2007 14:29

Can you make a point about "finishing" before anyone gets down? Do they have to indicate that they're going back to play after eating? Not ask permission exactly, but just say, "Ok thanks I'm done here now"

I've seen loads of kids keen to go and do other stuff cram as much food in their mouth as they can so they can keep on chewing when they're not at the table. They don't judge very well and you get hamster cheeks and a trail of food across the room!! So I just said, "Ooooh sweetie, swallowing something is part of eating it, so you haven't finished if you haven't swallowed it and you'll give yourself a tummy ache! Let's have a good CHEW CHEW CHEW CHEW CHEW CHEW at the table.....!"

and then they spray the food across the room anyway while they chortle, bless them ;)

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