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CM CLub: Girls toys, dd, and seperating??

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lunavix · 14/06/2007 12:43

DD is one in August, and I've been pondering getting her a dolly and buggy. We have a few strollers and dolls lying around for CMing already.

I'm taking on two girls soon though, and I have - bar these dolls - nothing much for girls (I've mostly CMd boys)

So I'm pondering what girls play with, and what to do about seperating toys?

My two have some toy storage in the lounge, that their 'special' toys are in, plus ds's train set is in his room (he's still too little to really play up there on his own so he practically never plays with it)

So I'm not sure what I need to get, as I'd personally have got more dolls stuff, plus a few olders girls bits (polly pockets? etc) but I don't know if it will all be doubled up on?

Does that make sense? I'm coming down with the lurgy so it may not!

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 14/06/2007 18:51

The so-called "girls" toys we have include a playkitchen, general "homecare" stuff (ironing board, iron, clothes horse, bucket and mop, dustpan and brush), "babycare" stuff (dolls, clothes, cots, high chairs, baths, potties) etc.

Older "girls" toys include Polly Pocket, My Little Pony (yeuch - belonged to my own dds and is a firm favourite), Pocket Animals, jewellery/hair decorations, Barbie stuff, dolls house etc.

Some of the junk in our dressing-up box is very frilly and sparkly.

In reality, even the biggest boys I've minded have happily mucked in with all the "girly" stuff, so I don't ever put out toys to suit the sex of the children I've had. I did have a parent once who was appalled that her son liked playing with the "girly" stuff, she would not accept that "mopping" the floor would not make him gay.


mogs0 · 14/06/2007 19:20

I donated one of my buggy's to one of my boy mindees. His Dad tried to throw it in the skip the other day and when I pointed out that it was one of his favourite things he sheepishly put it back in their house. I reckon it'll be in their skip while I'm not looking!

I have a DS so a lot of my toys are his things that he's grown out of. I have bought a dolls house but not much else that's gender specific. Most of the children are so mesmerised by the sheer volume of toys they're not bothered whether they're meant for girls or boys!!

One thing that has really bugged me this week is people commenting on mindee2 (aged2)carrying his doll on the school run. I'm always suprised by how many people think it's wrong for boys to play with toys they expect girls to play with.

Sorry, have gone totally off topic!! Could you maybe wait until the girls have started and find out what they like then get some new things?


alison222 · 16/06/2007 09:08

Have a DS and a DD so have a fair mix of toys in the house.
We have few dolls nd buggies. I found the boys loved the buggies but would often put cars or trains in them and the firs one I bought was actually for my DS as DD was too young at the time.
We have girly dressing up clothes, have been recently given a dolls house which the boys play with just as much.

We have toy cooker, washing machine, food, till etc, but had those for DS anyway and I have never really thought of them as specifically girls toys as a result as the boys all do play with them at times - especially the washing machine in the garden as it takes water and "washes" the clothes - cue lots of wet socks for me to explain at home time.

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