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what are the reasons for putting your child in childcare

19 replies

nappyaddict · 13/06/2007 14:01

is it just because you work or do some of you have other reasons?

OP posts:

TheBlonde · 13/06/2007 14:04

Entertainment for my child, a break for me


sassy · 13/06/2007 14:05

I used to work but now don't.
When I worked the dds both did 2 full days at fab nursery, when I stopped last Sept I kept dd1 at 2 full days cos she was 4 and needed it. Dd2 I dropped down to 2 mornings cos she enjoyed it.
Those 2 mornings are bliss for me - I do all the jobs that would I otheriwse have to do with the kids in tow - cleaning, shopping, ironing etc. When they are around now I have time to do more stuff with them cos the jobs are already in hand. And I love the peace and quiet too!


dmo · 13/06/2007 14:09

i put mine in pre-school so they could mix with other children before starting school


MellowMa · 13/06/2007 14:11

Message withdrawn


IdrisTheDragon · 13/06/2007 14:12

So I can work. And also so I can have some time to myself.


GameGirly · 13/06/2007 14:13

So I can go to work. Although if I didn't, I would still want some sort of part-time nursery arrangement for my child as I honestly believe it is good for their social skills, independence and what not.


nappyaddict · 13/06/2007 14:23

oh i should mention i mean for younger children not pre-school aged children who would go for preparation for school.

OP posts:

francagoestohollywood · 13/06/2007 14:24

part time nursery for mine (one is at school now) so that they could learn English, mix with other children, do things in a different environment than at home (for instance I'm quite crap at "creative" things) and for me do have a well deserved break, when I can shop, cook, do the ironing, clean the house, read the newspapers, Mn and do the occasional translation. I actually "believe" in nurseries.


nappyaddict · 13/06/2007 15:39

oh and what age were they when they went?

OP posts:

francagoestohollywood · 13/06/2007 17:42

around 15 months. 2 mornings a week, which then became 2 days and later 3 days a week. dd is now three and goes three times a week, she was going 4 times a week before easter because I was working at a long translation.


pollyanna · 13/06/2007 17:45

just work for me. I wonder whether, now dd3 is 2 whether I would send her a couple of days if I wasn't working. She really enjoys it and I dream of a break. I wouldn't want to put her in nursery on the days that I am home though.


oooggs · 13/06/2007 17:46

ds1 is at nursery in pre school room as I worked. Now I am on mat. leave and he still goes to give him a break from the twins


Ladymuck · 13/06/2007 17:48

When they were younger it was purely so that I could do something else. The "something else" varying from working (incl overseas trips) to going to the gym, or shopping.

As they approach school age I also think that they need some time a preschool/whatever to learn some of the skills that they will need for school.

I've used different childcare according to circumstances at the time, but they will have both been in creche at the gym for an hour or so from 4 months.


Judy1234 · 13/06/2007 17:57

We had a full time nanny and still send them to morning nursery school from age 3 because I wanted at that age them to get to know other children, learn their letters in a more structured environment, relate to different people, may be build up some skills to help them pass school entrance tests for the schools they competed to enter at 5 etc.


Hulababy · 13/06/2007 18:06

Initally when DD was tiny it was purely because I worked PT, so she needed tog o somewhere. PILs had her one day a week but we chose nursery for the other two days.

As she got older she did an additional half a day when I wasn't working, and days in the holidays when I was home. She loved it so much and wanted to go - for the fun and social sides. And was great for me for time to myself.


Eleusis · 13/06/2007 18:15

So I can go to work so I can pay for the childcare.

Although I am pondering a couple of nursery sessions for DS in September just so he can have some fun and get some social skills. He's 2. He'll spend the rest of the day with the nanny. Or I might just send them both off to some activities, like gymnastics or swimming.


SofiaAmes · 14/06/2007 07:24

I think it's really great for the children. I work, but actively choose group childcare for my children rather than a nanny because they love the interaction with the other children. I work by choice, not for financial reasons and think for me and my children them in childcare and me happy is the best for all of us.


Pruners · 14/06/2007 07:37

Message withdrawn


kslatts · 14/06/2007 08:06

Mine are not at school, but were with a cm. The only reason was so that I could work. I don't think I would have used childcare for any other reason when they were young.

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