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Ok, Have found a lovely nanny to cover maternity leave. What about her contract?

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ziopin · 13/06/2007 10:25

Have finally found somebody to cover the maternity leave.

Of course I cant give her an exact date when she will finish with us, as my current nanny hasnt decided when she will come back!

Should I provide her with a contract? and what if I want to keep her instead of my current nanny at the end of her maternity leave?

OP posts:
Eleusis · 14/06/2007 12:31

I think you should tell current nanny that baby can not come with her. Then, write a fixed term contract for temp nanny to cover until end of current nanny's 12 month mat leave, with 2 weeks notice to terminate contract for the duration of the fixed term contract.

In reality current (wicked) nanny will not return. And when her mat leave expires you can write another contract for lovely new nanny.

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