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CM CLUB:My dd;s lovely school!

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PinkChick · 13/06/2007 09:41

gave them a flyer, laminated that i drew up in jan..t never went up, some rubbish about being auth by governors..spoke to head about diff matter few weeks back and mentioned it she said to bring another back in as it had gone missing and shed put it straight up, which she did.
dd's nursery teacher put one up at nursery door for me ages ago and gives out my cards, but this morning, second day back at school someone from school(i think nursery teacher) has photocopied my flyer and stuck them everywhere on outside of school!, all windows in classrooms, outsdie doors am very and thanked them this morn...but me being me said i really appreciated it and 'sadi' i was going to bring in my colour oversized postcards when i noticed nursery one had fallen down, so she said great and will change the black and white photo copies for my vista print briight jobby's
very pleased with them

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KaySamuels · 13/06/2007 10:36

That's great you must be so pleased!!

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