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NVQ Advice Needed

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KaySamuels · 12/06/2007 19:31

I started my NVQ level 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development in September.
I am finding it really hard to get work done.

I find the work (written knowledge) a tedious excercise, I am capable of doing it, I think I am just in the midst of a paperwork overdose, sick to the back teeth of recording why I spoke to x in a xyz manner, what it benefits, etc.

If you do or have done an nvq my questions are:
How do you get the work done?
When do you find the time?
Where do you find the motivation???

Also since september I have had two - yes thats right 2, assessment visits from my assessor. When I ask her for advice she is very waffly and doesn't really answer your questions directly (this annoys me as I am quite direct in conversationand become impatient when adults waffle). She also says it is better to visit me when I have 3 mindees here (this is awkward as only have 5 mindees, youngest one is four, so rules out a lot of visiting opportunities). When I ask if this is necessary or jut preferable she just waffles on without giving me a straight answer.
Is this standard or should I be receiving more support? he college has a workshop once a fortnight on a tuesday which I haven't been able to go to as I work tuesday evenings, however, I went to one last week as mindee was ill, only to find they are now held on a wednesday! Not been told and I could have been going to them!

Thoughts, advice and suggestions welcome...

OP posts:

southeastastra · 12/06/2007 19:37

i'm doing an nvq (in another subject) and yes it is very hard to find the time and motivation. i find once i start i sort of go on a roll iykwim.

have they given you a cut off time when you need to complete it?


Katymac · 12/06/2007 19:38

It doesn't aound ideal

Is it posible to speak to the course administrator about the day change - sort of "could you send out an email if it changes again"

I don't know why she will only visit when you have 3 mindees - mine often came whne I had 1 or 2 (and occasionally when I had none to do paperwork)

I left my first assessor and got a new one as we didn't really get on - she didn't "get" my sense of humour

I never found the time & I was rarely motivated - it took me twice as long as it should have

But part of that is due to me feeling I was already better qualified than the NVQ

Not much help - sorry


KaySamuels · 12/06/2007 19:44

Yes I do feel as though I am doing it as a hoop jumping excercise (and a very long tedious one at that!).
She says she will get more evidence ticked off if I have more kids here but I don't see how? Surley I am demonstrating the same things whether I have one child here or 6!

Not sure about a cut off southeastastra, think it is two years max but not sure.

The other NVQ assessor who has seen my twice as a quick chat to verify my progress seems much more on the ball, and on top of things. If I asked to change tho would have to see current assessor and would feel awkward. (I'm such a wuss!!)

OP posts:

gooseegg · 12/06/2007 20:03

I did mine in 7mths two years ago.
How did I get the work done? In every spare moment I had I got stuck in obsessively until each unit was completed.
When did I find the time? I always had my head full of whatever I was working on so would grab any spare chance to type away and often worked until midnight.
Where did I find the motivation? I had definite two week deadlines for each unit to be completed and handed in. The sooner I got a unit completed the more NVQ headache free days I got each fortnight.
I work well under pressure.
Are you a member of the yahoo support forum for NVQ students? It's very useful.
I think you need to be assertive and demand appointments to be made for your assessments.


gooseegg · 12/06/2007 20:08


KaySamuels · 12/06/2007 20:56

Thanks for that link gooseegg, it looks great, will check it out later.

You sound very motviated and disciplined, I am in awe of you!! I could probably do to take a leaf out of your book!!!

Am hoping I can really crack on in the summer hols, also NVQ assessor suggested a couple of sumer holiday visits so will now hold her to that, maybe pin her down to once a fortnight if I can!! Have shorter working days in school hols, and am planning to have implemented a bedtime routine for ds too so hopefully will have evenings free to work. I am not pushy enough, you are right. Also my NVQ assessor probably does need an almost stalker like approach maybe!

Thanks all of you for your advice on this.

OP posts:

frankieb · 13/06/2007 07:38

i'm doing mine and desparately trying to finish before my baby arrives in Aug.
I do loads of mine as recorded discussion on dictaphone. My assessor is fab and is coming out every week.
The knowledge evidence questions are a bind but we try to talk most of them.
She used my childminding portfolio to get loads of evidence. I have a huge folder of stuff, menu plans etc etc.
I think you need to talk to the college and chat to them about changing assessor.
If you are like me you need someone to give you a kick its hard not working to definate deadlines as something more important always comes up.
Hope it works out

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