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Help needed please.....

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madge7 · 12/06/2007 18:23

I look after a little boy on the basis that if I am free, I can look after him (aswell as mindee 1 and 2). His Mum works shift nights and I only have him if she has to go on training days during the day.

I have agreed to have mindee 3 one day at the end of June, however I have just had another mum call me and ask if I could start minding her one year old as from 25/6 (mindee 3 is due on the Thursday only that week) and I have my other 2 the same day.

So in order for me to take on this new littlie, do I say no to mindee 3 in order to take on mindee 4 on a six hour a day five days a week basis (aswell as his brother in the hols?).

You know how rubbish I am at being firm etc and dont want to let mindee 3 mum down even tho I dont see them from one month to the next etc....

Also if I do take on mindee 4, do I charge anything for mindee 5 being as he will only come to me in the school hols?

Thanks ladies - and blimey I am so full up of muffins today - tee hee!

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madge7 · 12/06/2007 19:29

Its alright - I know I dont charge for mindee 5 apart from the time he is with me, which is only going to be school holidays. Think I have made up my mind, say to mindee 3 Mum that cannot have him that one day due to poss new full time starting.

The other thing though, in the mean time, shall I say anything as I havent actually got the new one yet, how much notice should I give mindee 3 mum that I cant have him that one day?

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Katymac · 12/06/2007 19:33

I think I'd say to new mum that you have a pre-existing arangement that day & you are unable to do that day only - you hope she will understand...............

It won't affect her long term - it's just a one off??


madge7 · 12/06/2007 19:35


OP posts:

KaySamuels · 12/06/2007 19:35

I would say when contracts are signed if possible, or as it's only one day, it may be better being direct about it and just ringing her now and explaining you cannot turn down a regular child for an adhoc arrangement. I'm sure mum will understand if you are upfront with her about it. Think I would tell her now, and risk it that the new mindee will come, hopefully she will appreciate you giving her as much notice as you can, and will call you next time.


KaySamuels · 12/06/2007 19:36

That's a good idea Katymac, do you think that would be viable for the new mum madge? Is she going back to work on that date or just looking at new form of childcare for existing job?


Katymac · 12/06/2007 19:39

I reckon she would understand the pre-existing and respect that you wopn't "dump" the existing mum in it

If it is a real issue you can always back down and cancel the existing mum (afetr contracts)


PinkChick · 12/06/2007 19:41

Hiya MAdge, hope you get this sorted as i may be in similar pos in few months as i have one mindee whenever his mums shift falls but antoher mindee every friday, sometimes variable mindee needs a friday and is ok if older mindee not with me but i have maybe new mindee starting who would ned full day friday so am gunna have to say to variable mindees mum that fridays are no longer available...she may give notice but i cant have 6 month, 15 month and 18 month at same time as well as 4yr old in afternoons and 4 toher after schoolies!


PinkChick · 12/06/2007 19:41

sorry about crap spelling there!


madge7 · 12/06/2007 20:07

Hi, thanks for replies. she is starting a new job on june 25th......

OP posts:

Katymac · 13/06/2007 16:46

Has she got family to step in for 1 day?


madge7 · 13/06/2007 20:44

I dont know....I called new mum and said there might be a problem with that day, she said is it just that one day, I said yes and she seemed OK with it.........

Will reiterate it when I drop off a load of gumpf to her tomorrow and hope that I still manage to get the job.

OP posts:

Katymac · 13/06/2007 21:49

I'd emphasise the "morally bound to honour your word" angle

As she will want you not to let her down in future

& explain to other mum that this is the last time (iyswim)

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