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Can I be a childminder ?

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twofishes · 10/06/2007 22:51

Hi! have just got all the bumpf thru' about registering as a childminder in Wales..and in the 'suitable person' section it mentions about having a sound financial I have undischarged debts from 1998 which no one has chased me for since 2000 when an IVA failed, even if one did make me bankrupt (v Unlikely as I only earn £300 per month and have no assests, CAB advised I prob woldn't be..) now I wouldn't lose the house as it is my partner house and same with car I have 3 children and was just wanting to look after a pre schooler and a schooler to create an income similar to my part time job at moment...does anyone know if I would be refused because of my debt history?..I was really excited and when I read this all the wind went out of my sails!!!..Have contacted NCMA but don't know if they give advice to non members..CSIW weren't particularly helpful!! Thank you

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fransmom · 10/06/2007 22:55

don't have any advice sorry but bump

MaureenMLove · 10/06/2007 23:00

I don't think it would be an issue tbh. I don't think OFSTED would have any right to delve into your financial background and even if they did, it was a very long time ago. I've never heard of this, but then I registered over 10 years ago and it was local registration then not OFSTED.
I'd phone the people who sent you the stuff.

nannynick · 10/06/2007 23:03

I would doubt CSIW have the power to check financial background records - could be wrong, but I find it unlikely, unless you are signing something which says you allow them to carry out a credit reference search.

I do not recall Ofsted having this criteria.

Anyone know any more info about this?
Can CSIW (Ofsted or CareCommission) refuse an application to be a childminder due to say being a bankrupt?

twofishes, would suggest you don't worry too much about it and just proceed as it is. If they refuse due to financial reasons, you could always take them to a tribunal and get a ruling on if CSIW have the power to determine suitability using financial records.

nannynick · 10/06/2007 23:10

I have located a document CSIW seeks service user views in which there is mention about Bank Manager reference in relation to childminders.

Quote from document -
CSIW recognised that a bank manager?s reference did not necessarily indicate a person?s suitability to run a childminding setting,
although it is essential for someone planning to register a care home.
?We relayed this advice to our policy division and the regulation has now been modified appropriately for childminders? said Under 8?s
strategic director Jackie Evans.
- End quote -

twofishes · 10/06/2007 23:13

oh thank you for the support, think I will carry on with registration and see what happens, it doesn't mention credit reference agencies in blurp so....will give it a go..and see ...thank you for replying

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MaureenMLove · 10/06/2007 23:15

Happy to help There's always helpful info for cm's or trainee cms in the staff room thread. Its open every day - pop in for a chat, you're more than welcome!

nannynick · 10/06/2007 23:17

The link may not work... at least my version of Adobe Reader failed to open the document, errors saying it is corrupted.

Located the document using Google Cache, so try viewing Google Cache of the document

twofishes · 11/06/2007 15:19

just an update, had reply back from NCMA and they do not think it would be an issue at all, they said to go ahead with registration looks like I might be okay ..just got the rest of it to sort out !
will keep you updated..thanks

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