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Tips on au-pairing

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amy1233 · 10/06/2007 17:57

I'm about to start a job au-pairing in Germany tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips from the viewpoint of the host family? Thanks everyone!
Amy x

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 10/06/2007 19:32

ummm respect their rules and how they do things. they will want you to feel at home so don't act like you are a total guestbut similarly you might dothingsinyour home that theywouldn't find ok. i don't know if housework is in your duties but even if it isn't i would still help around the house a bit.

just use your commonsense and don't take libertys.

sorry my space baris a bit messed up.

cloudberry · 10/06/2007 19:52

Hi Amy, firstly thank you so much for your comments re our profile, I really appreciated it and should have said thank you ages ago, so sorry that it's taken me till now to say so. Secondly Good Luck and I hope you have a great time.

The easiest way for me to answer your question is to tell you what we liked in our previous aps. What really impressed me about our last au pair was that she arrived at tea time and offered to help give the dcs their bath that evening - I couldn't believe it! I knew from that that it was going to be a good experience for all of us. She just hit the ground running and she'd never been an ap before. She used her initiative and I never had to say anything to her more than once. The other aps we've had have taken a couple of weeks minimum to get their feet and very seldom thought for themselves, I always had to direct them which I found irritating after they had been here for a while. She also never clock-watched and was always willing to help out at weekends etc if she thought I needed it. She respected our privacy without being aloof or unfriendly. As far as we're concerned she was our perfect ap, and we probably won't find anyone else like her. I hope that's helpful. xx

amy1233 · 12/06/2007 11:12

Thanks for the messages.

I got here yesterday and I am homesick, I am only here for 3 weeks this time, I don't know what to do!

OP posts:
mummypoppins · 12/06/2007 11:22

Amy where are you in Germany ?

We had 2 german au pairs who were wonderful and are now back home again. If you are anywhere near them maybe we could put you in touch ?

amy1233 · 14/06/2007 10:38

Hi mummypoppins. I am in paderborn which is in between Hannover and Cologone.
I am a bit better now, I think the first day is just quite a shock!

OP posts:
mummypoppins · 14/06/2007 11:27

Glad you are feeling better..........Our ex aupairs are in Saarlouis and down on the border near Salzburg so not much help.

I am sure things will get better. The German people we have found to be lovely. Very welcoming!

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