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Questions about teachers assistants...

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mindermummy · 08/06/2007 09:20

Its something i would like to do in the future, just wanted to kow a rough idea on how much they get paid and do they get paid all the holidays too??

OP posts:

NannyClaire · 08/06/2007 10:55

Well, I was looking at Teaching Assistant positions when I completed my CACHE Level 2.

The pay depends on which area of Britain you're in but I've seen them advertised from 8 or 9 k a year up to 11 or 12, a bit more for London if you're lucky. Nursery Nurse jobs appear to be a lot more common in London than TAs - for that level of qualification etc.


boomie · 08/06/2007 10:59

I am watching this thread with interest as it is something I am very interested in - what is CACHE NannyClaire?


mindermummy · 08/06/2007 11:15

Waht nursery nurse jobs in schools?

Do you get paid the holls then for TA?

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 08/06/2007 16:53

I am doing ta work at a special needs school in the south east and i earn £50per day as supply or about 8k/9k as perm. You might find that alot of school will employ you for one term only or as a fixed for a year role.

The perm/term jobs pay 20 days holiday only.

I love my job but its very hard work. Very rewarding though


twinsetandpearls · 08/06/2007 16:57

I think ours get about £200 a week but this is only termly pay.


NannyClaire · 08/06/2007 22:44

What I mean by Nursery Nurse is someone who works in a Nursery as opposed to a school! I mentioned it as they were two options available to me with the level of qualification I have.

CACHE is the new name for the NNEB It stands for Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education (so why CACHE and not CACCE I don't know!) As Cache, they offer lots of different courses ranging from Introduction to..., through Level 2 (equivalent to 10 GCSEs I think) and Level 3 (equivalent to A levels) and onwards.

I hold the Level 2 Certificate, which allows me to practise in a variety of settings but under supervision. So, I'm technically underqualified as a nanny but would be fine as a Teaching Assistant as long as the Teacher is present in the classroom with me, or a Nursery Nurse reporting to a room leader or supervisor. Hence comparing the two jobs, they are a similar level.

I'm guessing if you are a registered Childminder then you've done the training which would be the equivalent of Level 3 at least! Which'd mean you're more valuable in either post as you're legally allowed to care for children without a "superior" being present.

Whenever I've been jobhunting (which I am at the moment) there are lots of positions available in nurseries and daycare and TA is rarer.

Select Education handle a lot of TA positions and they'd be able to tell you about the pay, etc. I think it does really depend on the school and length of the contract as jellyjelly said..... I guess you could try speaking to some other Education specialist agencies to get an idea and a clearer answer to your question!


jellyjelly · 09/06/2007 10:39

ont he subject of qualifications. I have done over 20 childminding courses but would have to get nvq2 and 3 before i could class myself as a nursery nurse. Bugger


NannyClaire · 09/06/2007 11:57

Ooh a lot of places round here accept "assistant" nursery nurses with a Level 2.
Thank goodness cos I'm going for a trial day on Monday

Whenever I've spoken to the council etc about my training options they always told me that you need Level 3 to register as a Childminder, I didn't realise there were ways to register without doing one - NVQ or CACHE Diploma....

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