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nanny costs - help please

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catgirl · 07/06/2007 10:35

No time to search, sorry, but does anyone have an approximate idea of what a fulltime, live out, nanny would cost? To look after an 8 month old and a 4.5 year old. 4.5 year old starting full time school in September. We live in Hackney, East London. New to all this, so no idea what would be expected of a nanny/us etc. How does paying tax work etc?

Heading out now, so will check in later.

All information gratefully received! Thanks!

OP posts:

nannyj · 07/06/2007 11:04

I would have thought between £400-£500 net a week. You are liable to pay the tax and NI. Nannytax or nannypaye are good companies to use.


VictorVictoria · 07/06/2007 11:07

We have a full time live out qualified but young (23) nanny in West London working an 11 hour day and we pay her £460 a month net plus car plus gym membership. she also does up to 2 nights babysitting for us for this (unusual).Scarily, relative to her peers, I think she is a bit underpaid but want to be able to put her up when I have another baby


Eleusis · 07/06/2007 11:08

I would think anywhere from about £7 to £10 per hour gross.

You are liable to take the money out of nanny's pay cheque. You are not required to pay it for her.

What are the hours?


Eleusis · 07/06/2007 11:10

"£460 a month " Did you mean "week"?


catgirl · 07/06/2007 13:46

thanks - hours would be 8 - 6 - knew I would leave some essential info out of the initial question!

This whole paying tax thing scares me a bit !!

a follow up question: suggestions for where to look for nanny? really hoping I won't need to use this, but never hurts to be prepared. (situation with current cm is getting a bit tricky, but I really hope it is a storm in a teacup)

OP posts:

Eleusis · 07/06/2007 13:51

I think we need more information to properly advise you. Can you tell us what it is about the current set up that has become unmanageable. For example, the morning drop off and pick are the primary reason I have a nanny. I don't have to get them dressed, fed, or bathed, and that is an enoroumous help to me. Also, I'm at work for 7:30 and no childminder or nursery starts early enough for me to make that schedule.

Nanny salaries and duties have a huge range. Can you tell us what things you will expect the nanny to do:
Cook for kids?
Sho for kids?
Laundry for kids?
School runs?
Do you mind if Englidh is not her first language?
Does she need to drive?

I know this is a mine field, but all of these things will impact where you should look and how much you should pay.


VictorVictoria · 07/06/2007 13:53

yes sorry meant a week.....


fifilou · 07/06/2007 13:59

between £400-550 a week net depending on age/qualifications/experience

Nanny tax can sort all of your NI and TAX payments out.

( )


Eleusis · 07/06/2007 14:07

£500 net per week is nearly £40k gross annual salary and way too much money for 5 10 hour days of childcare.


fifilou · 07/06/2007 14:21

and shes off......................

Eleusis down the race track shouting about 'how nannies shouldnt earn a decent wage' because after all they only look after your most valuable precious thing you have, they sort out your home, run a toptidy ship, keep your children smiley happy, sort out school things, do homework, do laundry, cook meals (healhty and well balanced), teach them evetything you could possibly teach them, work ten hours a day five days a week and often overtime without complaint, help on school outings and trips,and basically provide a family with a top professional service..................oh and speak English and therfore teach children how to spell ENGLISH correctly.

We are not talking aupairs here. NANNIES!


off my box.

I thankyou ...............


Anchovy · 07/06/2007 14:23

Eleusis I am paying not much short of that and it is very much the market where I am.

TBH, I don't think it is inappropriate to pay that much, given what my nanny does. I really need high quality childcare (not implying others don't) and am prepared to pay for it. I know that that is a lucky position to be in, but as I've said before trying to get the cheapest deal for childcare is not, to my mind and in my circumstances, the best route.


Anchovy · 07/06/2007 14:24

Fifilou -


VictorVictoria · 07/06/2007 14:29

Eleusis I have to agree with Anchovy and fifilou. I entrust my child to my nanny for 11 hours a day, and sometimes overnight on the rare occasions my husband and I are both away on business. Where I live, this is very much market rate and I am just not willing to compromise. sure, I could find someone who could technically be in charge of my child for 55 hours a week. But, like Anchovy, this is not a route down which I wish to go


fifilou · 07/06/2007 14:29

Anchovy thankyou!

A decent hard working nanny is hard to find. you know- I work so so hard, ok fair enough I'm on the computer now, but Ive done all of my jobs wroked late twice this week with no complaint, and helped out at both schools twice too for no extra pay as they were short staffed (im NNEB and police checked so they call on me if they need me, and my boss thinks its wonderful as I'm linked with the school)

Also, I think so many people think about money far too much. I know a lday who has employed Aupairs and used them as nannies. Her childre are behind at school with spellings, reading and other things because the Aupair cant do the homework!!!! Shes not employed to do that!

An aupair is NOT a nanny, which is why they dont get a nannies wage!



and breathe.

and calm.

(ps- ive cooked tea for 6 kids too alreday,done all the ironing, shopping and packed 2 suticases for them for the wknd.)


fifilou · 07/06/2007 14:31

p.s and the children are at school until 3pm so i ave no children here now.

Oh yes Eulsis! I get paid FULL time while they are at school too! how terrible!


Azure · 07/06/2007 14:33

We are in West London and my DC were almost exactly the same ages as yous when my nanny started. I pay her £8.50 net per hour (she works slightly over a four-day week 8.15am - 6.15pm) plus of course the tax and NIC (note that her contract states the gross pay rather than net). Babysitting is extra. She drives our car and I pay her gym membership. After trying Gumtree (be prepared for dozens of unsuitable replies), Nannyjob (not many replies at all) and Simply Childcare (no replies) I found her though the agency KiwiOz Nannies.


Anchovy · 07/06/2007 14:38

Ah fifilou, didn't realise you were a nanny.

I expect mine to have a much greater "role" in my children's lives than just a mechanical one. Like you, she is involved with the school on occasions when DH and I can't be. She has also been instrumental in assisting in the friendships which DS has forged through after school playdates etc. The children adore her and trust her and she is a very big part of their lives.

Of course we have a professional relationship and we negotiate salary and don't pay "silly money". And built in to the salary is the understanding that sometimes it all goes a bit pear shaped and one or other of DH and I has to travel at short notice or plans have to change - which if we had more so predictability we would not necessarily need to "pay" for.

As with anything, how much someone is "worth" in a free market depends on how much someone is prepared to pay. But I do not think it is right to say that a nanny is not "worth" £500 a week as to some people the right nanny definitely is.


WanderingTrolley · 07/06/2007 14:39

I think £550 net per week is a central London salary, with v long hours, imo.

It very much depends on area and experience/qualifications but £350 - £450 net is my guess.

I'm not in East London, but if you call around the local agencies, they should give you a good idea of what a nanny will cost you, even if you choose not to go through that agency.

Nannytax has a good calculator to show you net vs cost. You could google other nanny payroll agencies too.


VictorVictoria · 07/06/2007 14:40

Anchovy, I can very much relate to your commenst about an understanding if things go pearshaped. We have an unspoken agreement with our nanny that we willbe as flexible as we can be on both sides given the somewhat unpredictable nature of our jobs/lives. THat is worth so much to me (and I think her)


fifilou · 07/06/2007 14:41

Eeusis, please stop saying you shouldnt pay that amount for a nanny when you CLEARLY employ an aupair.

You get your Aupairs from, thats what you said in another thread. (about hiring Aupairs)

An Aupair IS NOT A NANNY therefore you dont pay her A NANNY wage.

Catgirl, please take the advice of the nannies and employers of nannies on this thread. They know what they are talking about.


MaureenMLove · 07/06/2007 14:43

How much! £7 - £10 per hour GROSS! If I added up all the hourly rates I charge for my mindees, I'd earn more than that! Are you really saying that that is what people are prepared to pay in your area for a nannie? On that payscale it wouldn't be worth a childminder getting out of bed!


fifilou · 07/06/2007 14:47


I too have a great relationship with the children and family. We have a great nanny circle and the charges are all great friends and have been since they were young babies.

Ive been with my family for just under 7 years, I am happy to stay and they have said they want me to be here as long as I can.

The children see me as a friend, and I love them very much.

I was highlighting the 'mechanical' role, because to simply highlight my friendship and loving role as a nany, wouldnt show what I actually do every day every week.

its all about trust and understanding. If my bosses cant be home at my contracted finishing time, I would never make them feel awful about it like some nannies do. Its life, its going to happen.

Nannying is such an important job. It has such great responsability.

I love my job, and I know of so many decent hard working nannies, which is why I defend my income to the max!


MaureenMLove · 07/06/2007 14:48

Oi you! - lend us a fiver. I'm a childminder and I'm skint!


Azure · 07/06/2007 15:08

fifilou - don't think you mean me! My nanny is absolutely wonderful and I have the greatest appreciation for what she does.


Anchovy · 07/06/2007 15:54

(I think she meant me and I think (hope!) she was agreeing with my earlier post)

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