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Overnight charges?

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tigersmum · 07/06/2007 09:53

How much do you charge for overnight? I have 2 mindees starting on different nights, a 3 year old and a 9 month old from 5pm till the next morning.

OP posts:
fishie · 07/06/2007 10:02

mine charges £30 (is £35 for a day).

we don't go out much!

tigersmum · 07/06/2007 10:29

Thanks for that. I was thinking around £25 to £30.

OP posts:
ayla99 · 07/06/2007 11:44

Have seen fees from £20 - £60. CCP tutor suggested we charge same as 1 night as local travellodge or similar.

PinkChick · 07/06/2007 12:20

i charge £5.50 per hour after 6.30pm and before 8.30am, so if full shift(night) used which it usually happens they pay £77 for the overnight bit.
i have been told by c.i.s that i am undercutting myself!!

tigersmum · 07/06/2007 12:22

Oh my God thats a lot. This is not a one off but permanent so £73 odd seems an awful lot to me.

OP posts:
PinkChick · 07/06/2007 12:32

well, my parents who use me overnight are nursing, so get lots of help with costs including overnights, but they do pay part themselves.
the way i see it, i work from 6.30am most days and it needs to be worth my while to work overnight/late as i quite often get no 'free' time for days at a time.

tigersmum · 07/06/2007 12:44

Fair enough. I too start as early as you 5 days a week and also work weekends so free time is something I used to have a long time ago. So £30 would be very cheap. I will have to have a re think. Thanks for the input.

OP posts:
nannynick · 07/06/2007 19:13

As a nanny (rather than a childminder), if I was asked to do an overnighter, then my fee would be: Lets say 5pm to 7am, £140 (Not per child!)

The question isn't how much should you charge, but how much will the client pay? What is it 'worth' to them?

Trying to find a figure to charge is difficult, as you don't want to undersell yourself, nor do you want to price yourself out of the market. Are there compeditors? How much do they charge? Do you need the work? Is it an add-on service for an existing long-term daytime client? Just a few factors to consider.

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