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Activity ideas needed for 11 mth & 17 mth old during OFSTED inspection!

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becksmummy · 31/05/2007 19:48

I have my first inspection next week since I registered, I have already posted for help and tips on what OFSTED will be looking for but could do with some ideas of suitable activities for my dd 11 mths and mindee 17mths while the inspector is here, please give me some ideas!!!

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StinkyPete · 31/05/2007 19:50

surely, the inspector wants to see what you actually, usually, do with the los in your care ??

Katymac · 31/05/2007 19:53

Yes but she needs very safe stuff(so she can be slightly distracted)

What about squirty cream?


Have 3 or 4 arround so you have a fall back if they flit

OFSTEDoutstanding · 31/05/2007 20:07

Just do whatever you usually do I am sure you will be fine

ThePrisoner · 31/05/2007 20:55

If they happily play with what you usually have out, they're likely to be just as happy when the inspector is there (young enough not to play up?)

You need to have things that they can amuse themselves with but that you can "help" with whilst still being able to talk to the inspector - something like building bricks, you can demonstrate/encourage how to put one on top of the other, say what colour they are, etc.

Wooden peg jigsaws, chunky vehicles, shape sorters, pop-up toys - all the usual stuff. Have you got a treasure basket? (Ofsted would love that!!)

My Happy Street collection always comes out at inspection time, it seems to suit most ages.

becksmummy · 02/06/2007 10:43

Thanks for all your ideas, they do usually play ok but the mindee I have can sometimes be quite clingy and wants to sit on my knee or by my side to play which will be difficult to do at same time as talking to the inspector! (although I will still interact with them obviously)

Thats why I thought those of you who have had your inspections could help me out. I have got a treasure basket so think will have that out and a few other things as they both have short attention spans!!

Hope she comes monday and can get it over and done with!!!!

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