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CM CLUB - should I take baby tomorrow?

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looneytune · 31/05/2007 19:12

Just a quicky before putting ds to 3 month old mindee has not been at all right today, puffy face, painful tears so I suggested she goes to Dr's. Dr said lots of babies have been in today with early viral symptoms but no prognosis. She said she'll drop at 9.30 (normally 8.30 now) unless anything develops.

I'm just wondering where I stand with sickness policy. Dh panicked and said he didn't want ds catching anything when he's getting over a cold/bad cough from other mindee and we go on holiday in 3 and bit weeks. I'm trying to think 'business' and 'policies' and yes, I do say if baby needs 1:1 care blablabla BUT they pretty much pay me for that anyway. I have a 3 yr old tomorrow from 8-12 and I'm worried about her getting it and parents being upset with me HOWEVER, is this like a cold and I should just have her as usual - no temperature. It's not like it's a listed disease type thing.


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looneytune · 31/05/2007 20:00


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OFSTEDoutstanding · 31/05/2007 20:06

It depends is this the baby of the mother who messes you around? If it is I would say no to having baby tomorrow if not can you send ds to play at grandmas or friends and then don't run risk of him catching it? Sorry not muchhelp. I would have my 9 month old mindee if nothing had developed yet but then I am a pushover and when it comes down to it I don't get paid as much for an abscent mindee


MaureenMLove · 31/05/2007 20:16

tricky one, I think you're going to have to wait til morning and make a decision on arrival. Like you say if its only a cold, you can't very well not take her, but if it turns out later in the morning that she really isn't happy and you can't do 1:1, then I think you should make it clear to the mother at drop off, that you will be ringing her to collect.


looneytune · 31/05/2007 20:28

Cheers guys.

OO - not that baby, this is the 1:1 baby (they pay double) I have NO family anywhere near me and no friends I feel would have ds I'm also a pushover normally, just trying to be careful as I know new 3 yr old mindees parents wouldn't be happy uf she caught something other than a cold - but then again, these things happen.

Maureen - It's definitely not a cold but I don't know what sort of virus it is - baby can't exactly tell us Her symptoms are pale, puffy face, 'spaced-out' look, in pain at times but not sure where (you can tell by the different cry). It could be something not so bad but baby feels it more? Or it could be a nasty virus but nasty viruses aren't mentioned in my policies

I hate these imbetween things where it's not just a cold but it's not a listed illness either!!

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