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NCMA car insurance

4 replies

thebumcleaner · 30/05/2007 09:18

Has anyone ever tried this? how was it for price/cover etc?

OP posts:

PinkChick · 30/05/2007 09:20

ncma redirected me to homeminder and they were a bit pricy, but i did haggle and got it down(only to not ned ins in the end!)


alibubbles · 30/05/2007 12:03

I use them and only pay £495 a year for my Mercedes 7 seater ( value £42K) which I think is amazing! I live in Herts, and I do have 7 years no claims. I use them because they guarantee a 7 seater if your car is off the road.


thebumcleaner · 30/05/2007 12:43

Just insured mine with them now as £245 and the closest to that was £270 by esure, so chuffed.

You must be doing well for a Merc!!

OP posts:

alibubbles · 30/05/2007 13:49

Forgot to say, love the nickname, describes the job well!

I've had Mercs for 18 years ( DH has a 2 seater, so no kids allowed !) I looked at a Grand Espace and a Grand Voyager which with all the extras would have cost the same, but after 3 years they would only gurantee me a residual of £9000.

My residual after three years with the Merc is £21000, no comparison! ( I buy it with a deposit, 3 years finance and then a balloon payment, but trade it in every three years, I end up getting more than my residual usually by about £2k and just keep buyin a new one, or rather a demonstrator as I did this time, which only had 5000 miles on the clock, but saved £10K on ther price.

I've only had this one for 18 months, but looking at trading it already.

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