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Got my first Ofsted inspection since registering - panicking!!!!!

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becksmummy · 29/05/2007 19:29

Hi, I have had a call today to say I will be having my first Ofsted inspection since I registered in January and i'm worrying with it being my first inspection what if I have missed loads of stuff or am doing things wrong!!

If anyone can offer any advice it will be very much appreciated.

On the day she comes I will have my own dd 11mths and 1 mindee 17mths so also any suggestions as to activities on the day would be helpful. Thanks

OP posts:

maisiedaisy · 29/05/2007 20:03

Have no advice -sorry but good luck! I am a teacher and I know how stressful an OFSTED can be.
I am sure somebody will be along with good advice.


Katymac · 29/05/2007 20:15

Keep calm

Get all your paperwork out & ready (so you can find eveything)
Have your cert/ins/OFSTED complaints poster up
Ask her not to put her cup of tea on the floor and to put her handbag safely away

Someone will be arround with more help soon


becksmummy · 30/05/2007 16:52

Thanks for the advice, anyone else out there with advice/tips very much appreciated!!!!

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 30/05/2007 23:01

There's a couple of old threads that might be useful:

here and here

And don't panic. Ofsted inspectors are (apparently) human ...

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