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CM CLUB: Have you had work done to house when still minding?

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PinkChick · 29/05/2007 11:56

we need our hall sorting out, we are getting quotes now..flooring layed, new socket put in one moved and entire hallway paperd, then painted as well as ceiling being painted(so all work being done in hall, not play/living/kitchen areas and we have alternative access throuhg french doors).
obv all wont be happening at once, one day ill have spary/plasterer in, then another the decorator.
full time mindee does have a week on late june, so was looking toward this, but does anyone else have anything done when mindees are around?, i work days, nights, earlys, lates, so dont get much time to get these jobs done and dont want to take time off and lose money?

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jellyjelly · 29/05/2007 12:11

I pulled down my ceiling and put another one up (the plasterbpard) whilst i was working. I had a few days off to pull it down because it is so messy) clenaed the floors 37 times and it was still not looking clean but it was. Parents informed and fine with it as they knew i would cover and move all toys and clean everything after.


MaureenMLove · 29/05/2007 12:23

I am having work done as we speak. I should have informed OFSTED that I have someone in my house who isn't usually around, but tbh, he is shut out and doesn't need to be in here at all. Mindees mum knows I've got someone here and she is fine about it. We are trying to stay out as much ofthe day as possible!


PinkChick · 29/05/2007 12:36

ah good, well the guys will only be in hall, no where else so thye and their mess will stay out of kids rooms, am happier now

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tigersmum · 29/05/2007 19:28

I had a whole extension built and a kitchen re fit No problems at all. The children loved it.


PinkChick · 30/05/2007 08:29

well ive got sparky coming last week in june when full timer is off and part timers shouldnt be with me till end of week, so that should be ok, then will try and work rest out when cash/time can be sorted, thanks for reassurance guys

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