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..........................Tuesday STAFF ROOM..............................................

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KaySamuels · 29/05/2007 08:28

Morning all! Sticking to CM Club from now on, you are all much nicer!

Have you all had a good BH weekend?

OP posts:
PinkChick · 29/05/2007 08:32

Hiya KS, i am too, this palce is odd what has been happening while ive been off? and whats got your back up?

LoveMyGirls · 29/05/2007 08:34

morning girls, I'm still stressed but on the bright side I have an easy day ahead, dd1 is out til later, all mindees bar 1 are having today off and the 1 i have got is only here til 1.30, dd2 will sleep til about 2ish.

KaySamuels · 29/05/2007 08:40

It's been a bit quiet in here over the weekend!

I have day off unexpectedly due to poorly mindee (gonna have him later in the week I think instead), so just taking ds to playgroup today. Still raining here.

Made the mistake of posting an AIBU thread.. never again I tell you.

Oh I offered dp a choice between pinky and albie for our rabbit, he said he hated both so I went ahead and called it pinky!!

OP posts:
PinkChick · 29/05/2007 08:42

aw cool..i was thinking of you this weekend!, we were in pets at home and saw a beautiful white rabbit with pink eyes and was wondering if youd got yours and named it yet..hows it going with him/her?

KaySamuels · 29/05/2007 08:45

She's lovely, been couped up in her hutch most of the time tho cos of the weather.

lmg, it's so hard isn't it deciding what to do about families. See how you go with the new family this week, but why not ring the mum with the baby or pop a note through her door maybe? Just be really casual, could even invite her round for a cuppa maybe? Sorry, don't know how often you have seen her before now? If new family are messing you around tho they are not worth the hassle hun.

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 29/05/2007 08:58

Lady with baby came in feb, baby was 8 weeks old, she is desperate to get back to work but her family are against it and she lives with them so its tricky. I've phoned/ txt a few times since then and invited her for coffee but she says she'll phone and come round then doesnt but everytime i speak to her she sounds so keen

I don't know, wish it was all going well and simple etc as i really don't need this on top of moving house in less than 2 weeks iykwim.

PinkChick · 29/05/2007 09:00

dont pin your hopes on mum with baby, she sounds like shes being held back by family and thats not an area you want to become involved with, she has got to be strong enough to do it and will let you know when she is..try the other one along the ,ine..was it sept start??

LoveMyGirls · 29/05/2007 09:03

Yeh she's a teacher though so what would i do about holidays?

KaySamuels · 29/05/2007 09:08

You could either charge her a retainer in the holidays, or do a term time only contract, then seek out a holiday only contract. I have had both sorts in the past! Not had a teacher tho. Maybe they could come to you a day a week in the hols, and teacher could use that day to get on top of paperwork? Depends really I suppose.

OP posts:
ScottishThistle · 29/05/2007 09:40

Good morning all!

I have a very sick charge so we're having a tv day!

soak · 29/05/2007 10:01

morning!!!! I am sooo cold today!!!

ST - I hope your mindee isnt too poorly (and that you dont catch it)

ScottishThistle · 29/05/2007 10:05

soak, I'm cold too & can't put the heating on as she has a fever, fungal infection on tongue & conjunctivitis!

I also hope I don't catch any of it as I'm flying home for weekend on friday!

MaureenMLove · 29/05/2007 10:21

Morning all, I bought you all a present! [Mo hands round sticks of Hastings rock]
Finally the sun is coming out and I've got washing outside. Mindee is asleep and the plasterer is plastering my new extension - yippee!! I'll be as snug as a bug by Thursday.

julia5 · 29/05/2007 10:26

Morning all! Back from Cyprus, here's some Turkish Delight for you. Thanks for the rock Mo, did you have a good hol?

ScottishThistle · 29/05/2007 10:27

Thanks for all the goodies!

I'll bring you some haggis back at the weekend!

julia5 · 29/05/2007 10:28

Oooh haggis and could you bring some soor plooms too ST. No mindees today, just me and my boys.

MaureenMLove · 29/05/2007 10:35

So, so Julia! I had a really bad cold and I had to make an effort all weekend as we were with another couple!
ST - Any chance of a bottle of Heather Cream instead of haggis! I'm usually in Glen Coe at this time of the year and I do love a drop of Heather Cream!

ScottishThistle · 29/05/2007 10:38

Oh no problem, Heather Cream's easy to come by but soor plooms are a bit more difficult to find these days (will do my best).

Anyone heading off to Belgium or France, I'd love some Raspberry Beer!

Katymac · 29/05/2007 10:40

OK - I am about to ring and lay someone off

I feel like crap

Please be supportive


ScottishThistle · 29/05/2007 10:41

Oh, who are you laying off & why Katymac???

Katymac · 29/05/2007 10:42

No children = no assistants

Very sad

I am gutted - I can't imagine how they are going to feel

julia5 · 29/05/2007 10:51

Oh Katy it's hard isn't it. Come and have a hug let us know how it went x


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PinkChick · 29/05/2007 11:09

Julia% how was cyprus?, were abouts did you go again?

Katymac · 29/05/2007 11:18

It's been awful

Everyone is so upset

julia5 · 29/05/2007 11:25

pinkChick we went to Protarus, hotel was lovely, my boys learnt to snorkel in the warm Med, but..........we hired a car (LAndcruiser) to go up into the Troodos Mountains, breathtaking scenery, 2000 metres, hairpin bends, vertiginous drops, lovely unspoilt villages when............ bam stupid tourist driving on wrong side of road, spectacular head on collision. The other car was totalled, no one hurt fank gawd. Good job we were in a gigantic 4WD. So.....hours waiting at roadside for Police then eventually on our way again, with a broken numberplate our only damage. It was a bit orrible.

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