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au pairs

4 replies

olliebird · 27/05/2007 14:55

which nationality au pair is best and worst? please tell me as I need to get an au pair in september

OP posts:

Nightynight · 27/05/2007 15:09

Our best ever au pair was Polish.
Our worst ever au pair was also Polish



syrup · 27/05/2007 18:40

Mine's Romanian and an absolute star!


keepingcalm · 27/05/2007 20:00

Our best was Romanian and Polish worse was Czech


mummypoppins · 28/05/2007 16:14

Ive had 4 german girls 1 of whom was like a Norland nanny and is back visiting us at the moment............another one was pretty good 2 but the other 2 were hopeless and a hungarian girl who was very spoilt and the world's worst driver!

Its a lottery............I would look at the background.........our best was form a hard working bavarian farmong family with loads of brothers and sisters and neices and nephews. Very used to mucking in.

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