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Double Buggy Question

5 replies

auntyspan · 26/05/2007 10:26

Hi all

My pal is about to have her second baby. Her ds is 16 months old and she is wondering what the best type of double buggy is to get? She does loads of walking - the original plan was to do a second hand one and then in a few months put her DS on a buggy board.

Any recommendations?

Thanks xx

OP posts:

GrandMasterHumphreyLyttelton · 26/05/2007 10:32

Phil &Ted's E3

Jane Power Twin


If she does loads of walking, she might be better off getting one with the view to keeping it for at least a year. Buggy boards not that great if you do lots of walking, imo. Easier to push a double buggy than a single with a toddler asleep over the handle bars (which will happen)


NannyL · 26/05/2007 10:50

i vote phil and teds

its perfect for a toddler and baby.

A really good all terraine buggy... and when the big one walks she can use it as an all terraine single buggy anyway


Nemo2007 · 26/05/2007 10:56

phil and teds here too. I love it and have 12mths between my girls. They both love it and it is easy to push while holding ds hand


CarGirl · 26/05/2007 11:00

Def phil & teds (you could eventually use it as a single with buggy board) or a powertwin but that is bigger and bulkier especially folded. 3 wheels the way to go.


crace · 26/05/2007 11:05

I have a Mothercare Urban Detour Double that I adore. It's side by side, and lays down separately for different ages.

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