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CM Club: For those with a website - What is this months most popular keyword?

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nannynick · 25/05/2007 19:25

I was just looking through my Google Analytics and it made me wonder what keyword (or phrase) comes top in your list (for number of visits) when you see how people found your website.

For mine, for period 25-April-07 to 25-May-07, top keyword was: babysitting
Now that is not really surprising

OP posts:

alibubbles · 26/05/2007 04:11

How do you find out? Tell me how please!


nannynick · 26/05/2007 07:39

Google Analytics is a very feature packed analysis tool. If you have a Google Account, then sign in... otherwise create a Google account.

You then add some javascript code to each webpage on your website, and Google Analytics takes care of the rest.

If you prefer to have your own software, then I have found Trace Watch to be good and reasonably easy to install - you need a PHP enabled server with MySQL database. If I lost you with PHP and MySQL, then this isn't for you!

Website analysis packages such as the two above will show you how visitors find your website and which pages they view. TraceWatch clearly shows the PATH the user took while on your website. Google Analytics shows how many users clicked each particular link on each page.

OP posts:

alibubbles · 26/05/2007 12:52

??????????!!!!!!!!! My site is hosted by Bravenet, I can see certain statistics, like browser used, referring site, most popular time/day etc unique visitors.

I didn't write my site so wouldn'y know how to add anything!

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