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CM Club....Feeling guilty

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hennipenni · 25/05/2007 11:54

I know that nobody can help me with this but I am feeling guilty as to how much time I am needing off.

As some of you may need my two youngest DDs have health problems at the moment (one short term but the other could very possibly be for her lifetime). Next month for example we have 3 seperate appointments-one of which I feel able to take my three mindees with me, but I can't for the other two. Now my parents have been nothing but understanding and have arranged their days off to cover for me (I had lots of appointments last month too and have already got two appointments to attend in July aswell), however I still feel very guilty that I'm having to ask for yet more time off (and can't ask DH to attend these instead as he's not to good at medical things/procedures etc).

Not sure what this post will achieve but feel better for it!

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dmo · 25/05/2007 12:08

poor you, the worst feelin ever is guilt i hate being off as i feel too guily.
i am so gald that your parents are being so understanding you are very lucky.
not sure i can say anything to make you feel less guilty but your dd's health comes before anything else


hennipenni · 25/05/2007 12:11

Thanks DMO, just sometimes feel like crying about it all- I wish it was all over.

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