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help!...................anyone know about newborns?

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fifilou · 24/05/2007 22:10


I know all about caring for them, developments from 0-16, but come down to nitty gritty horrid complications and I know nothing.

my bf just had a beautiful bg and al was fine. I was on my way to visit after work, then get a call from her sister saying they think the babys swallowed meconium, as shes vomiting, and has been transfered to it for observation.

Now ive read up loads on the net and am now worried silly about all sorts of things it could be....has anyone heard of this before and it turned out ok?

help anyone?

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ThePrisoner · 24/05/2007 22:27

I am in no way whatsoever medically qualified, and have no idea what swallowing meconium does or can do, but know several people who've had babies who swallowed meconium - the babies were all fine.


MaureenMLove · 24/05/2007 22:32

fifilou - same as prisoner, I'm not a midwife (I'm a cm, you know that!), but I've had at least 2 friends who's babes have done the same thing. Last one, only 2 months ago. Baby was observed for 24 and I promise you he was absolutely fine. He's a beautiful bouncing baby boy! He was in special care whilst he was being watched, but that's were they do the close watching, so don't panic if she is in there.


nappyaddict · 24/05/2007 22:35

you mean swallowed meconium before it was born?


snugglebumnappies · 24/05/2007 22:36

hmm, d they mean swallowing or aspirating, swallowing obviously ends up in stomach and is not a prob, aspirating ends up in lungs and can cause pneumonia. Often get mixed up by non medical people (no offence intended) prob because of the way it is poorly explained by the medical proffs


snugglebumnappies · 24/05/2007 22:38

Just re read post, aspiration wouldn't cause vomiting, but would cause respiratory distress, sounds like she has just swallowed some and thats no big deal


homemama · 24/05/2007 23:00

Ds awallowed loads of it. He was very sick for 3days but they said straight away not to worry because they knew he'd swallowed it rather than taken it into his lungs. Swallowing is not dangerous just makes them sick so if baby has been admitted it may well just be a precaution.


homemama · 24/05/2007 23:02

Sorry, just read snugglebum's post which obviously says exactly the same thing.


thebumcleaner · 24/05/2007 23:53

2 of my ds's did this, and they are fine. They will just do observations as a precaution.


soak · 25/05/2007 08:58

had to look up meconium...

from what I remember my sister swallowed hers when she was being born (14 year age gap) - it seems quite a common thing TBH. maybe this is why we all know not to eat it (even as kids)because we know it will make us poorly...!!!


fifilou · 25/05/2007 10:12


thanks soooooooooooo much everyone, was so worried!


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