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Help - should I be inclusive?

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Katymac · 23/05/2007 11:27

I want to do water play

I put a notice up and asked for spare clothes (I ask for spare cothes anyway but 1 or 2 parents don't bother)

The notice has ben drawn to everyones attention

But spare clothes have not arrived

I want to do waterplay

So do I exclude the child with no clothes?
Do I include her & send her home wet?
Do I not do waterplay?
(Don't suggest me providing clothes DD is 9 - I have no spare room - it's not my problem)


OP posts:

dmo · 23/05/2007 11:32

strip them down to nappies and let them get on with it
sometimes i do waterplay in the bath with bubbles and coloured water they love it and its less messy


dmo · 23/05/2007 11:33

btw hows it going Katymac saw your health thread


ScottishThistle · 23/05/2007 11:34

Ask them to provide a waterproof long sleeved apron!


WanderingTrolley · 23/05/2007 11:35

Second strippin' 'em down.

Or don't do it and tell those who haven't provided the spare clothes they have ruined it for everybody (so to speak)

And, to get over the problem of the non-provision of spare clothes, send those mindees home at night missing an item of clothing - a sock here, a vest there. No one will notice, though you may have to be inventive when it comes to trousers...


tombley · 23/05/2007 11:37

My ds creche provides waterproof aprons for water play.
Are you a creche, nursery type place or child minding at home?

I wouldn't exclude any child btw, I would wait until they can all join in.


dmo · 23/05/2007 11:42

no i would exclude any child its not their fault but it is a shame not to do a planned activity
have any of the other children got 2 spare sets of clothes you could pinch them until the childrens clothes are dry


Katymac · 23/05/2007 11:47

It is annoying - what if their child tipped their lunch down themselves?

I think we will do it at just before hometime - then they can go home wet (mean aren't I)

DMO - DD is OK - she's quite excited - I'm the upset one

OP posts:

dmo · 23/05/2007 11:48

i would be upset too


fifilou · 23/05/2007 13:02

strip them and do it in nappies/ pants, that way only skin gets wet!

Pop a note in the bags that says

'please can all parents provide a spare set of clothes or long sleeved apron for messy activities, those children not provided with spare clothes or aprons will unfortunatly not be able to join in future messy activities'

or does that sound too harsh?

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