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C/M club: Does anyone have a poster I can steal?

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crace · 22/05/2007 12:15

I want to put a poster advertising me up in the GPs office with the tear off number strips? Can anyone send me theirs - I am so rubbish at this stuff.

carrierace at hotmail dot com

Please please please?

I actually got an enquiry of a post card I put in the GP office but they took the card!

OP posts:

cmru1 · 22/05/2007 18:17

have you looked at the download area of, im sure they had a template for an advert there.


Shoshable · 22/05/2007 18:20

crace have you got Office Publisher there is one on there if not will send you one


crace · 22/05/2007 19:28

Hi Shosha - got it, sadly no Publisher. Am semi-techi but not sure if anyone knows how to open it without?

(thanks for thinking of me)

cmru1 - thanks for the tip, will check it out!

OP posts:

nannynick · 22/05/2007 19:45

Could try converting to PDF. The person who sent you the file may be able to install a PDF printer, thus PRINT the publisher file as a PDF. Another option is to try to convert the .PUB file to PDF using an online service such as PDFonline


crace · 22/05/2007 19:47

Nick, of course - I have that capability on my mac

thanks much

OP posts:

Shoshable · 22/05/2007 19:48

Ok nick dont understand any of that if i email it to you could you convert it for crace

And yes I am a Technophobe


Shoshable · 22/05/2007 19:49

Ok crace can do it I know what I know on the PC and dont know anything else


crace · 22/05/2007 19:50

Done, it's perfect, thanks very much!

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