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professional nanny of the year awards................................anyone entering/entered?

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fifilou · 22/05/2007 10:11

Has anyone been nominated/nominated themselves for this years nanny of the year awards sponsored by PANN?

what do you think about these awards?

good? bad? not bothered?

OP posts:

ziopin · 22/05/2007 10:30

Its quite in her today, isn't it?

I think there a great idea. A brilliant way of rewarding nannys for their hard work.

I won't be nominating mine though! Although if I'd heard of the awards a couple of years ago, would definately nominated my old nanny. (She's getting married in August - my dd is flower girl, and ds2 ring bearer! - OH)

Your a nanny, why dont you leave the information lying around over night!!


fifilou · 22/05/2007 10:40

it is quiet!

ive been nominated in 2005 and 2006 and won two high comendations fromm the awards. (thats a 2nd place between me and you!)

i'm not entering this year as I'm away when the awards take place. might again next year though!

check out my site its got stories about the last awards. i was gutted to loose (twice!) but its an honour to be nominated.

(i'm developing the blog at the momnent into a website for mums,nannies,chilminders and aupairs.) can nominate previous nannies that youve had! its a bit late this year i think, but next year why not nominate her?

OP posts:

fifilou · 22/05/2007 12:08

where is evryone today?

OP posts:

fifilou · 22/05/2007 13:48

bumpety bump..............

OP posts:
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