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Help writing a reference for my CM?

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lechatnoir · 21/05/2007 21:37

My CM is currently trying to fill a new vacancy and has asked me to write a reference which I'm more than happy to do (she's fabulous ) but I'm not sure what to write that would help any prosective parents.

Any ideas?

OP posts:

tryingtodobest · 21/05/2007 21:42

how long your child has been going
why you like the care she provides (lots of outings, healthy food, activities they do, the communication you get from your cm - diary?, the love your child gets, etc)
anything out of the ordinary she might have done to help you (eg being super flexible over a difficult period at work).
that you totally trust her with your child
that you're happy to have a telephone conversation with the prospective parent if they would like one


lechatnoir · 21/05/2007 21:52

Thanks ttdb. Do you think it matters that my DS has only been with her 5 months? Should I give my phone number or just an offer to discuss & my CM provide my details? I really want her to get someone lovely as, well, she's so lovely & I feel so lucky to have found her

OP posts:

tryingtodobest · 21/05/2007 21:54

just tell your CM that you're happy to provide further details over the phone if that's helpful. I don't think it matters one jot if your ds has only been there 5 months as long as you say so in your reference. up to parent to make their own mind up.

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