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Unsure about what I overheard this morning

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 18/05/2007 13:01

Hi I was at my local toddler group thismorning when one of the mothers was discussing with another one about a school outing that is happening next week. I clearly heard her say 'I hope they don't get back late because I am looking after xxx that day as well.'
She lives in my village and I always see her walking around with other children that are not hers. When I first started going to toddlers she found out I was a cm and quizzed me about becoming one and all that it entailed paperwork etc. A coupleof weeks ago I asked her if she had gone ahead with applying and she said no because too much paperwork involved but I keep seeing her with different children on different days. I think she is minding without being registered and I know that she is not registered because I am the only one in the village at the moment. The question is what do I do about it turn a blind eye or who do I tell?

OP posts:

dmo · 18/05/2007 13:03

i am the only childminder in this village


PandaG · 18/05/2007 13:06

difficult call - it could be that she is simply helping out several friends without pay.

I am a reg CM, but not working as such atm. I regularly have other children as favours though, including those I used to mind.

You could always contact ofsted if you are very uncomfortable about it.


scatterbrain · 18/05/2007 13:15

But I quite often look after friends children - and I am not a childminder !!!

People do favours for each other - no payment changes hands - it's not illegal to look after someone elses child !

What is your real point ?? Are you thinking she is stealing your business, do you have concerns fro the children's safety ?


OFSTEDoutstanding · 18/05/2007 13:19

no scatterbrain I dont think that she is stealing my business I am full and have a long waiting list. I just wanted to get some opinions I dont know if the children safety is compromised or not all I know is I never saw her with loads of kids until she quizzed me but she never got registered. Just wondered if I should do something or not thats all.

OP posts:

PinkChick · 18/05/2007 14:53

report her!, why should you have to do months of training and she does nothing and minds children!, if she was 'in training' i would be more symathetic, but not if she cant be botherd!


edker · 18/05/2007 15:51

I waited 9 months then I started to mind a child in my home.
Some people is going easy way and then they get paid. I don't understand this.
I think this is not fair.
if she didn't take any training then will report her.


kslatts · 18/05/2007 15:53

I'm not a cm but wouldn't report her unless I was sure she was being paid to mind the children.


Genidef · 18/05/2007 15:58

What exactly would the difference be if she just said, I'm babysitting these children? I'm not undermining your skills relative to hers and the value of training, I'm just wondering. I could ask the girls next door to do a bit of that for example. She should be reporting her income, but as long as she's doing that, I'm not quite sure what the issue is. Report her to whom? If she's advertising as a registered childminder, that's one thing. She is not. But otherwise surely it's the parents' look out whether they're comfortable with her skills and set up. It's not illegal to hire a babysitter.


Genidef · 18/05/2007 15:59

Sorry I meant - AS LONG AS SHE IS NOT.


colditz · 18/05/2007 16:00

Actually if someone is being paid to look after a child for more tha a set amount of time, they must be registered or it is illegal.


Genidef · 18/05/2007 16:01

what is the set amount of time?


soak · 18/05/2007 16:03

2 hours unless its between the hours of 6pm and 2am (babysitting hours)


Genidef · 18/05/2007 16:04

Learn something new every day! Didn't know that.


soak · 18/05/2007 16:05

oh - unless she is looking after the children in their house rather than hers. I think she is able to do that isnt she????


edker · 18/05/2007 16:06

if you are going to looked after a child in your more than 2 hours than you have to be registered.


Genidef · 18/05/2007 16:07

I think yes. But then....they'd be a nanny wouldn't they... and you've got all the NI/Tax/employee issues. It's quite something someone is regulating this in such detail. I wonder where one would need to look to find out all the rules?


McQueenGirl · 18/05/2007 16:07

I look after my niece full time but im not registered, i dont get paid for it either! My sister babysits for my children in return when ever i need a sitter and treats me to the odd chinese etc!
People could easily think the same about me i guess


Genidef · 18/05/2007 16:09

OFSTEDoutstanding - if these are indeed the rules I can understand why you'd be peeved by someone who had asked what the rules were, concluded they were too troublesome, then set up shop anyway.


soak · 18/05/2007 16:10

and if you are not registered and not babysitting between normal baby sitting hours you cant accept reward - even a box of chocs or other parent offering to look after your child in return.

I think having a playmate over to play and have tea is a whole new kettle of fish though so long as it doesnt take you over your numbers...


nailopish · 18/05/2007 16:11

colditz, does that include relatives who look after children? ie Granny looking after grandkids a set amount of time each week?

i always thought it was very very risky using a non-registered cm. what if her dh is a convicted criminal fgs?!


soak · 18/05/2007 16:12

looking after family (from what I was told at pre-reg brief) doesn't count but if you are looking after other children you have to count family in your numbers IYSWIM


soak · 18/05/2007 16:15

I hope questions like this come up in my test in july!!!


McQueenGirl · 18/05/2007 16:16

i also sometimes have my god daughter one morning a week and my friends little boy too on accasions.

Might look into registering, i could be earing a fortune!


KaySamuels · 18/05/2007 16:57

I agree that as she has investigated whether to register and decided it is too much bother, and is now seen looking after several children, then yes you should report her. Childminders are registered to protect the children they care for.


Shoshable · 18/05/2007 17:12

McQueen, looking after any child for ANY reward is illegal, having each other's children is counted as reward.

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