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How easy is it to get a temporary extension to up the amount of kids you look after??

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Twinkie1 · 16/05/2007 13:56

Because am in a bind - we are moving and I have found a lovely lady to look after DD and DS - thing is she has her limit on the amount of under 5s she can have - although this will change when her DS starts school - so from the start of the summer hols she can look after them both but until then she can only have DD!!

We will be oving up there very shortly - could be as little as 2 weeks or as many as 6 and it would just be from when we move until the start of the summer holidays.

She is lovely and said she would apply for an extension or could have DS on a Monday and Friday but I am contracted to work at my new job - Monday - Wednesday so would have to ask if I could do Monday and Friday and then find someone else for the other day but think the move and be shunted from pillar to post would upset DS!!

So do Ofstead grant then happily or is it a terribly long drawn out process with the prospect of a no at the end???

And what would be the implications of her having DS on the Tuesday and it being above her limit - could she be struck off or fined or something?? Am I a bad mum for even thinking that we could turn a blind eye for a couple of weeks???

Thanking you in anticipation wise childminders!!!

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Twinkie1 · 16/05/2007 14:09

BUMP - does no one know???

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mumlove · 16/05/2007 14:15

This is the problem with ofsted 1 person could say yes and another no, so it would be best if the childminder phones up and asks to speck to an inspector, hopefully you will get an answer from them.

mattysmummy · 16/05/2007 14:18

Hi, I have always found Ofsted to be helpful. I would ask your minder to contact them, when you call you normally get asked to write to them so she could just do that to start with, the Ofsted team that covers her area. I she tells them what provisions she has and that it is from a certain date to a certain date then I would have thought they would be ok with it unless they think her house is too small or if there is some thing from before that would suggest it wouldnt work.

If you dont ask you dont get !

Twinkie1 · 16/05/2007 14:22

Excellent - thanks that seems helpful - our dream ove could be in jeopardy otherwise as DH said we would have to lodge with his parents unless we can find somewhere for the DCs to go together!!

8 weeks maybe of living with the lovely inlaws - they are lovely but I know I will be going bonkers by then!!

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