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Booh · 16/05/2007 12:23

Thanks for that! Just had to have a moan as trying to get (another) variation from Ofsted!

Fist of all, letter got lost after getting to Ofsted, then they said yes on the phone, then the certificate did not arrive, so I called again, nope, they have no record of saying yes and that is why I don't have the certificate, so I e-mail letter again, now I have to wait for them to make their minds up! Oh but it gets better........just had a phone call to ask a few questions, and now another e-mail from someone else to say that they are looking into it!

Blimey, all I want is two under one (one 8 months the other 10 months) I have had it before for two three month the time I have the certificat the oldest will be over one!

OP posts:
Katymac · 16/05/2007 20:51

It's so annoying

They don't realise we are trying to help people

Childminder3 · 16/05/2007 22:01

Hang in there I had problems with this too - found fax the best way on the end!

Twoandabump · 16/05/2007 22:02

When I asked for a variation on my cert for 4 under 5 starting when going back after mat leave, one lady phoned and said yes, no problem, and then one phoned and said no!

They both said they had to talk to their line manager, and in the end they said yes. Fortunately got the nice one phoned me again, and she said the variation will be for until one of them is 5 or leaves which makes more sence than having to apply for the same thing all the time. Quite some time though as the oldest one is 3! Now can have 2x3 year olds, a 2 year old and a baby of 2 months. Think it depends on who you talk to, and how you write to them as they like to see that you have thought about how you will cope with the children.

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