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% increase in nanny wage for 2nd child

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RainingCatsandDogs · 16/05/2007 09:03

Have been told by nanny that her agency says 20% increase is normal for 2nd child.Is this right?

OP posts:

nannyj · 16/05/2007 10:14

Er no . Although it depends i suppose on how well you pay her now. I have a nanny friend and she didn't expect a rise at all but she knew she was well paid anyway.


thedogsbollox · 16/05/2007 10:19


The market rate for a nanny covers any number of children (within reason).

As long as you are paying the market rate then there should be no need to give her an increase.

I think though that if I had twins say, or had 4plus children then I would pay more.

She is trying it on, I think!


TenaLady · 16/05/2007 10:22

The nannies I know, dont have an increase. One of my friends went from one to 3 children.

They normally look for another family if they dont want more than one or two kids


ScottishThistle · 16/05/2007 10:36

It's not the norm to have a payrise from 1-2 children, if your Nannies earning a good wage she shouldn't expect a rise at all imo.

If you were having twins I'd expect a rise however!


OFSTEDoutstanding · 16/05/2007 10:37

I got a 10% increase when i was a nanny and my boss had another baby putting me upto 3 children but I wasn't expecting one


jura · 16/05/2007 12:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nannynick · 16/05/2007 18:46

NO... nanny is wishfully thinking!

I certainly have had no pay rise, with 4th child having arrived beginning of this month. The whole point I feel about nannies, is that you pay for them to care for as many children as you have... you don't pay on a per-child basis, as you would if you had a childminder, thus the more children you have, the more financially viable a nanny becomes.


Judy1234 · 16/05/2007 18:54

That was never my experience. One reason we had a nanny for 3 under 4 at one point was it was cheaper than 3 nursery places or 3 child minder places. Also by then the older one was at nursery anyway and often the baby sleeps a bit. Even when we had a nanny for the new twins and she also picked up the older 3 from school etc I couldn't see any reason to pay her more although we always gave reasonably good pay rises anyway. I suppose it's market forces. If you think she might leave then it might be worth paying a bit more so she feels more appreciated etc. But if she's already paid the amount she might have been hired by a mother of three then I don't see why a 20% rise is needed.


ScottishThistle · 16/05/2007 19:05

What agency is she with???


paros · 16/05/2007 22:43

Shes bloody trying it on where the hell does she get 20 per cent from cheeky cow . I have nannied for 24 years and the most me or my friends got was a £20 increase and that was due to extra work load .tell her you have asked nanny agensy and they said this is not the norm . (computer says no ) LOL


Eleusis · 17/05/2007 09:02

There is no raise for additional child (as other have already said). However, you might expect that some duties will fall behind. For example, if you are running after two kids who may refuse to nap at the same time, then it is probably fair to say she will have a bit less time for laundry, cooking, etc.

If my nanny asked me for a 20% raise I would laugh out loud. (as would my boss if I asked for a 20% raise)


RainingCatsandDogs · 17/05/2007 09:48

Hmm Thought so! Thanks

OP posts:

Eleusis · 17/05/2007 09:58

You could always remind she is paid an hourly wage, and a 20% pay increase might be offered when you require 20% more hours.


fifilou · 17/05/2007 13:59


my nanny friends and I often debate this!

I didnt get a rise and didnt expect to when child 2 came along, and some of my other nanny friends didnt either, but I know of 3 who got a big change in their income. weird hey?

I think its daft really, if you go to work for a family that has a small baby and you stay with them, you kind of guess they will have another at some point. I think they pay you to be their nanny however many they have (unless they have quads, then i think some form of pay rise would be inorder!!!!!!)


mozhe · 17/05/2007 14:13

My nanny has a yearly review of her salary,( and needless to say it always goes up ! ),which is just as well because in 7 years we will have gone from one child to six...including twins !! She has stuck by us though, and we are getting an aupair to live in and help her too..


Eleusis · 17/05/2007 14:13

I think if you have quads, you can expect the nanny never to do any laundry or food preparation... and you can expect both parents to suffer PND.


Eleusis · 17/05/2007 14:14

Hey, Mohze. Did I read on another thread that you are pregnant again?


ScottishThistle · 17/05/2007 15:01

If any Boss of mine had Quads I'd require an Au-Pair!


Anchovy · 17/05/2007 15:15

I gave my nanny a bonus when we had the second child - this was to reflect the fact that everything was a bit erratic before and after the baby was born and she was "on call" for part of that time, which did impact on her ability to go ut and get roaring drunk etc (she lives out).

I also gave her a (small) pay rise and we agreed a change in some of her jobs - exactly like someone said earlier, she had more calls on her time and less ability to, eg, do the ironing. When she had a new born and a toddler to look after, I think it was only fair that she also got to have a break when they were both napping, and was not doing the ironing.

I think it is fair to say that her workload pretty much doubled (she acquired a baby and the toddler only went to nursery school two mornings a week at that time). If my workload doubled and there was no recognition of that - whether by pay or by trying to do something about working conditions - then I would be seriously pissed off.

Its really a market thing. I wanted our nanny to stay and it was important to me in the scheme of things to keep the same nanny to give continuity to our toddler and becuase I knew and trusted her and that was very important to me. If I had changed nanny, however, I would have just said - the job involves looking after 2 children - and that would be it.

I liked the point one of the nannies made that you don't exactly fall off your chair with surprise when youngish parents with a small child have another baby!


Judy1234 · 17/05/2007 16:07

Yes and it works the other way round. When I took on our nanny for the twins (the last children) we let her know when they were at full time school her job would end and she had years of notice for that.


LynetteScavo · 17/05/2007 16:18

'The nanny says her agency'.
This would be the same agency you paid a rather large fee to, I imagine. I'd give the agency a call myself, if I were you.


ScottishThistle · 17/05/2007 19:33

Funnily enough with a toddler & a newborn I still managed to do the ironing!...It's not that much more work!


WanderingTrolley · 17/05/2007 19:41

Some agencies have a nice thing going: they tell the nanny one thing, the family another, then the nanny quits.

The family then need to hire a new nanny, so they go to... oh.

A small increase (£10 a week net?) on a fulltime salary is a nice touch. My bosses tended to have new babies at pay review time, which was v convenient of them! The norm is not to give a payrise, though, have to agree.

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