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CM CLUB....Items that parents forget....

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hennipenni · 15/05/2007 11:29

(not a parent bashing thread!!)

Todays offer is nappies...ho hum, out in the rain to buy some more!

Other items forgotten in the past....pushchairs, coats, change of clothes..

OP posts:
PinkChick · 15/05/2007 16:39

LOl..fruit shoots????LOL

saltire · 15/05/2007 16:45

Items that parents forget............ well where to start. little mindee 1 (who is sadly no longer with me as they moved) often arrived without a coat, NEVER EVER had a change of clothes in his bag,his lunchbox was often forgotten, on one occasion his mum drove all the way to her work and realised he was still in the car - which wouldn't have been so bad but she had stopped on teh way to take her older son out of the car at his nursery and still didn't notice mindee1 in teh car.

I had a baby once whose mum forgot to send her bottles and nappies.
Another whose mum sent their daughter with no knickers on - having 2 DS I had to put the wee soul in thomas pants.

LoveMyGirls · 15/05/2007 17:09

Mindee turned up yesterday with no, nappies, dummy, cup, change of clothes. I'm very lucky dd2 is only a tiny bit smaller so used her nappies, cup and dummy but because of the rain his trousers got wet through and had to borrow some from toddler group (girls ones!) until we went home then i had to put him in his now damp (after being on heater) trousers then when we got home i dried them properly.

I once had a baby who turned up without formula milk (had to take 3 under 15mths to go to the shop 10mins before mindee's feed was due so was very grumpy!)

MaureenMLove · 15/05/2007 17:17

Yes! It is Fruitshoots! I always pour it into one of my own cups when we go out!! He really, really won't drink anything else and lord knows I've tried!

MLG - what exactly did this parent arrive with other than the child! Some people!

MaureenMLove · 15/05/2007 17:19

I keep calling you that! Its LoveMYGirls not MyLovelyGirls!!! - sorry!

soak · 15/05/2007 17:27

oh!!!! is it only from the bottle he will have it?? switch it with other juice you use - he may not notice the difference

MaureenMLove · 15/05/2007 18:43

No, thats the point. He can tell the difference!! I've tried everything! Trouble is, I'm not very good with juices at all. My dd only ever had water with a hint of juice and now doesn't even bother with the hint!

star1976 · 15/05/2007 20:13

I had mindee 2 some with shoes but no socks last week. Put DS' socks on and forgot to take them off before mindee was collected.

Parents never mentioned that they had forgotten their DD's docks, ot that she was wearing my DS's. Nor did I get them back!

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